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Discover your spirit animal with the new Spirit Animal Quiz. This online quiz is designed to help anyone curious about spirit animals to quick start their journey through this fascinating world.

Today’s Message of Wisdom from Spirit Animals

The Bear says…

Deep in slumber, dreams unending,
Wise old bear, patient, strong,
Send me dreams of transformation,
Grant me intuition along
With introspection of my life,
Inner listening, no more strife.

– D.J. Conway, Animal Magick

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There are now 2 Spirit Animal Tests available! We wanted to give our readers fun and free ways to discover more animals and apply those meanings to their lives. We believe that all the spirit animals have value to add, if we can only unlock their meaning…

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The Panther: The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power. If the panther is your power animal, you are blessed with a fierce guardian. The panther totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to acknowledge these powers to help eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown.

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Spirit Animal List: The Spider

Spider Spirit Animal

The spider is a mysterious spirit animal that works in the depths of our world and psyche. The weaver of fate and destiny is never far from teaching us about the intricate connections between actions, events, and chance. It shows us how to carefully move forward in life while trusting everything has its place.

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Featured Power Animal: The Wolf
The Wolf’s spirit is fiercely independent and teaches us about trusting our path solo or with the rest of the pack. Call on the Wolf spirit animal to guide you during moments when you venture out into the unknown or need help understanding the rules of the game.

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About Spirit Animals

This guide on spirit animals is dedicated to provide a platform where anyone can share information, experiences, and questions and learn more about the meanings of their spirit animal.

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Following the footsteps of traditions from all around the world, this guide on spirit animals also offers a contemporary perspective on this fascinating subject. Blending modern psychology, intuitive work, in-depth research, and personal experience, it provides information easy to read and understand for anyone curious about animals and their power.

Elena Harris, Editor, tells more about, the intention, purpose and hopes behind the creation of this guide.

Connect With Your Spirit Animal

A spirit animal characterized by a personal relationship to the individual it is associated with. You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your life, during a specific phase of your life, or at specific occasions.

It is that connection at the individual level that differentiates the power animal from the animal totem that tends to symbolize a group or person’s identity. As such, power animals are the equivalent of animal spirit guides or spirit animals.

Your spirit animal often represents qualities and attributes that you may see in yourself. It is instructive to learn about the habits and characteristics of your power animal and see how they are reflected in your own personality and life.

What is the Difference Between a Spirit Animal and a Power Animal?

The terms “spirit animal” and “power animal” are often used interchangeably, even though they have slightly different meaning depending on the context in which they are used.

Spirit Animal Definition

Spirit animals are typically associated with traditional as well as modern Western shamanic practices. During initiations or shamanic journeys, the shaman would find one or several animals that she or another person is associated with. Traditionally, the spirit animal is used for guidance.

Think of your spirit animal as a guardian spirit or spirit guide. It can play the role of protector and provides guidance. It’s like a “personal guide or protector” that has a personal affinity with the person it’s associated with.

Power Animals

In addition, the spirit of the animal could unite with the person it “chose” in more personal ways and one will often find similarities in traits of personality, characteristics, and synchronicity between the two. As such, the power or essence of the animal can be felt or communicated. In that sense, spirit animals can also be referred to as “power animals”.

On this web site, the terms spirit animal, animal spirit guide and power animal are used interchangeably.