The Blue Jay Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

Author: Elena Harris

Oh, the Blue Jay! Through the magic of symbolism, the Blue Jay teaches us to follow our feelings and intuition. As a spirit animal, it reminds us that our personal power is in our own hands and that we are free to take flight at any time, which is another way of saying that we have the freedom to choose our own path in life. The Blue Jay is playful yet serious, curious and yet sly, intelligent and cunning. It is also wise and perceptive. Whether a friend or foe, the Blue Jay teaches us how to be realistic and yet optimistic, careful and yet daring. In its expression of personal power, it symbolizes how we can rise above obstacles and challenges in our life.

The symbolism of the Blue Jay

The Blue Jay symbolism often has two fascets: It can represent a call to use your potential to the fullest or it can be a friendly warning against our cunning tendencies.

Generally, the Blue Jay represents:

  • Intuition
  • Spiritual aspirations
  • A great strength of character that allows one to live life according to one’s deepest desires
  • The ardor to defend those who are dear to us
  • The art of metamorphosis and imitation, to foil the traps set
  • The power of awareness
  • Trickster spirit
  • Loyalty
  • Bridging worlds

The vivid color of this bird also has meaning. 

  • Red: The color red represents our fiery tendencies, passion, and vitality. Other species of Cardinals are bright yellow or bright blue.
  • Yellow: The symbolism of the color yellow is similar to the color red, emphasizing the connection to fire energy.
  • Blue: The color blue represents internal awareness and intuition. While it usually symbolizes peace, harmony, and tranquility, it can also point to the sadness and depression that comes from feeling isolated or disconnected from your spiritual side. The wisdom of this bird may be calling you to reflect on how you can grow more spiritually.

The Blue Jay, symbol of a living colorful life

The Blue Jay is a cheerful, lively, and talkative bird that ignores downtimes and likes to catch the sunlight through its feathers. Its brown feathers turn blue as the light refracts. He is agile and alert and leads his life without hesitation, confident in himself and his mate. The jay encourages you to color every moment of your life with bright colors.

As a spirit animal, it inspires you to come out of troubled times. It embodies confidence in the future. It comforts you and then signals that if you regain your energy, the healing of your emotional wounds will be close at hand, and it promises you a brighter future. It invites you to follow his way of conceiving life, with vivacity and enthusiasm.

The Blue Jay symbolizes the strength of character

The Blue Jay is admired for its confidence in its abilities and its tenacity. As such, it is an inspiring symbol for developing character strength. This colorful bird does not take no for an answer. It was given this strength because he has a strong potential within him that is waiting to be expressed powerfully. The Blue Jay spirit animal inspires you to be more bold, courageous, resourceful, and hopeful because he has faced adversity and came out on top.

If you are shy, it encourages you to assert yourself without fear. It supports you so that you are not afraid of anything and that you are tenacious. It wants to make you a decision-maker and invites you to see your life in big.

The Blue Jay is a symbol of protection and loyalty

This magnificent bird is known for being attached to its mate. He is faithful in his love and committed to his partner. It is traditionally considered a protective spirit because it watches over its territory and mates with great vigilance.

The Blue Jay bird symbolizes loyalty because when one of the members of a flock disappears, he returns to find them or rescues them from danger if they are lost. Whenever this bird is with his flock, he makes sure that they are all safe and protected. He encourages you to always look out for others in need.

This animal guide invites you to pay attention to those around you. First of all, because some of these people are dear to you and they deserve you to be their protector and advocate. The Blue Jay shows you the example when it makes provisions for the bad season, by storing in various hiding places seeds, insects, small dried vertebrates… It thus affirms to you that the protection is something that is prepared in advance. He asks you to show foresight if you want your loved ones to feel that you are a safe person who can be counted on.

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An embodiment of the bold expression

The Blue Jay spirit animal is often a representation of boldness and good humor. This is because of the way these birds interact with others. They are not afraid to approach danger, or venture to investigate other animals they don’t know. This does not mean they are foolish, it means they are confident in themselves and their abilities. They are not afraid to approach the unknown, because they know they are capable of dealing with the situation. If their food source is in sight, then they will eat it. They are bold, and sometimes even a little mischievous.

The Blue Jay is a messenger of truthfulness and honesty. It can show up when you need to speak your truth. It is time to be bold and stand up for yourself. When this bird becomes a teacher, it will show you that there are no limits to what you can do—as long as you trust in yourself and believe in your own power. This creature also asks you to be bold in how you speak. It encourages you to find your voice and be ready to use it when others will thank you for it.

A symbol of freedom and independence

The Blue Jay spirit animal represents freedom and independence as well. This type of bird is free-spirited, like the wind, and they travel wherever they please. Itdoesn’t care if others find it annoying or call it names because of how different it is from everyone else. It is bold and stands up for what it believes in.

The Blue Jay spirit animal is also often a representation of the human will. This birds have a strong will and they use it to break out from the ordinary. They are willing to take risks and try new things. They don’t follow the rules, but they don’t challenge them either.

They are curious and gutsy when they need to be. Their attitude towards life is very individualistic. They will do whatever it takes to get their food, and they don’t care at all that the rest of the flock is doing.

The Blue Jay symbolizes spiritual elevation

Like almost all birds and winged insects, the Blue Jay symbolizes the elevation of the spirit and the flight of the soul to higher spheres. It is a symbol of the visionary, spiritual ascension of those who are in tune with their heart and desires.

But what does that mean for you? When your life becomes more spiritually informed and upwardly-spirited, you’ll be better able to navigate life’s complexities with a lighter step. You’ll feel better about yourself and those around you because everything will simply seem easier. The sense of being a spiritual warrior will lift you up and make you more whole.

The Blue Jay spirit animal holds the message of soul changing

The Blue Jay represents soul journey and change. Its appearance suggests that you need to take the time to work through issues in your life. You have lessons to learn, old patterns to break free of, or both. Because this creature may appear in times of stress, it may represent a crisis brought on by an event beyond your control.

The significance of this bird’s message in your life is that it can help you deal with these circumstances and make them lessons in a process of self-reflection and spiritual growth. It is a forceful messenger that offers help through its willingness and ability to carry our thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams into the heavens.

As a messenger, it gives us direction. It brings insights into our past, present and future. It brings clarity to our minds. If we listen to its message, we will find answers and solutions that align us in our quest for life mastery.

The Blue Jay spirit animal holds the message of connection

With one foot in the physical world and the other in the spirit world, the Blue Jay reminds us to stay grounded while we explore spiritual realms. The Blue Jay is a spiritual messenger, delivering knowledge of the past, present, and future. Its appearance means that you are being called to look beyond the obvious into realms of greater understanding and awakening. As such, this bird stands for the connection with divine inspiration.

The Blue Jay’s connection with the spirit realm means that it can show us what we have learned but have forgotten in this lifetime. This message comes from the past, present, and future and

holds truths for all time, not just one particular timeline or dimension. The Blue Jay is a messenger of connection between all beings and all things.

The Blue Jay is a symbol of unbroken spirit

The Blue Jay spirit animal reminds you not to get discouraged when obstacles or challenges arise in your life. The Blue Jay tells you that your hard work pays off in the end by making you feel successful and proud of yourself, even if others are not impressed and may even criticize you for it because they don’t understand.

The Blue Jay is a quick thinker and evasive. He is capable of escaping danger and staying focused even when he sees something coming that may be dangerous to him. The Blue Jay spirit animal encourages you to think quickly on your feet, but also warns you not to get so caught up in your own thoughts that you get lost and lose your focus.

The archetype of the trickster spirit

The Blue Jay is sometimes associated with a trickster spirit. Though it can be aggressive if threatened, this is not its natural demeanor. Instead, the bird’s mischievous behavior is a way of displaying its intelligence and alerting humans to the power of its message. The meaning behind this message is often hidden in plain sight as it cleverly draws us into deeper reflection.

Rather than approach us directly, the Blue Jay uses its symbolism and secret language to alert us to our challenges. Its position as an observer of human interactions gives it unique insight into our fears and desires. It knows how to create feedback loops that allow it to act as an intermediary between this world and the next, our ordinary dimensions and beyond.

The more time you spend with this humble scavenger the more you come to realize how much he has seen. As it flies from tree branch to tree branch in search of food, it catches glimpses of the physical world around it with all its beauty and heartbreak. Alerting humans with its “call-and-response” chatter as if trying to tell them something important, the Blue Jay monitors our interactions like a spirit guide from above.

A supportive guide in the face of deception

The Blue Jay’s high pitch squawk is a warning to watch out for traps and people who are using you or want to ensnare you. It also reminds you that others close to you may not hesitate to deceive you. This animal guide’s message “You are not alone” is especially true when we have been hurt or trapped by others. With its ability to see the unseen, the spirit world’s Blue Jay teaches us how to release negative energy, which holds us back from getting close to what we desire most in life.

When we are able to open our minds and hearts, the Blue Jay spirit will show us the potential of new life experiences. With this knowledge, we can use the power of our minds and hearts to attract and maintain love and security in our lives.

When to call the Blue Jay for help

When you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a difficult situation, it is beneficial to call for help from the Blue Jay spirit animal. The following situations are helpful when reaching out to the Blue Jay:

– When your path is blocked: When your path in life is blocked, call upon the Blue Jay spirit to show you a way past the obstacles. Note: Always do this before calling on the Blue Jay, and always be in a space of letting go and moving forward with no resistance to it.

– To increase your personal power: Call upon the Blue Jay for motivation, encouragement, and empowerment.

– To get through a fear of failure: When you are feeling discouraged about your progress in life, all you have to do is ask the Blue Jay to help you move forward.

– To become more confident: If you are holding back from attempting something for fear of failure, take a chance and call on the Blue Jay spirit animal for support. It will give you the confidence to go ahead and have faith in your abilities.

– Letting go of old hurts: Even if you do not wish to repeat your past mistakes or have someone else inflict them upon you, yet you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life. Call upon the Blue Jay spirit animal for guidance.

– When you need to release old relationships/situations: The Blue Jay can help you let go of old relationships or situations that are no longer serving you.

– When you find yourself needing extra support: Call upon the Blue Jay spirit animal when you need a boost. It will give it to you!  Use the power of the Blue Jay spirit animal to create a niche in life for yourself that ensures your success, even if it is not where everyone else is going at that time.

Life lessons from the Blue Jay spirit animal

  • Trust your instincts, not others’ advice: Above all else, know that you must trust your inner voice about what will be best for you, no matter how contrary it may seem to the counsel of another.
  • Be creative: Let go of your inhibitions and see where those free-spirited thoughts lead you. Be open to new ideas and ways of seeing things.
  • Dare to be different: Don’t let others’ perceptions dictate who you are, for they can color your view of yourself and your personality.
  • Follow your dreams: Belief in yourself is what it takes to pursue your goals. Don’t give up, even in the face of adversity. Never lose faith in your abilities, no matter how big or small.
  • Live life to the fullest: Take advantage of every minute and every chance you get to learn more about the world around you.
  • Be playful, but not reckless: While playfulness is necessary to keep you happy, it can lead to some undesirable circumstances if you are too impulsive. Use caution and think before acting.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance: The best way to succeed is to pitch in and do what you can, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to take the wheel.

The Blue Jay personality traits

The Blue Jay spirit animal represents the following personality traits:

  • Adventurous
  • Creative
  • Loyal
  • Resourceful
  • Quick thinking
  • Resilient
  • Intelligent
  • Protective
  • Imaginative

The Blue Jay person is outgoing, adventurous, versatile, loyal, and resilient. They don’t like being alone so they find it necessary to constantly surround themselves with other people whether friends or family members.

Blue Jays have a high energy level throughout the day. They are active throughout the morning and can be heard singing in the early evening. Blue Jays will act right away when something is needed or required. They will quickly show compassion and love to those who are in trouble, especially if it means they are in danger themselves.

People with this spirit animal type are very giving, direct, loyal, and patient. They do not tolerate being bullied or intimidated because their decisions always come from a place of integrity and good intentions.

The Blue Jay personality type has a very protective nature and an active imagination. They use their creative energy for the benefit of others. People with this spirit animal have a visionary sense of reality, seeing into situations that are not obvious to others.

People with this spirit animal are very focused on practicalities and outcomes. They like things in order, even if it may seem boring to others. They move toward their goals like a Blue Jay moving through the tree branches searching for food, knowing where they are going but being flexible and adaptable at the same time.

Blue Jays are loyal and faithful creatures. They will do whatever they believe needs to be done to protect those they love and care about. They do not tolerate rudeness or disrespect of anyone in their life either by others or even within their own minds. These people prefer to live in the present moment and keep their focus on what is happening right now.

Blue Jays have a creative spirit and imagination that is used for the benefit of others, but at the same time, they know how to take care of themselves too. They are highly intelligent beings with an open mind that can easily work with new information at any time.

What does it mean when you dream of the Blue Jay?

A dream containing a Blue Jay will be a way to show you a way forward or to warn you. Dreaming of Blue Jays could be a call to action in the spiritual sense or in your personal life as well. It could also have a romantic meaning for couples who yearn for greater harmony in their relationship.

Here are some examples of dream interpretations.

If you dream of the Blue Jay, it could be that you’re looking for a greater sense of spiritual communion with the natural world. It could signal the need to spend more time in nature or learning about local wildlife. You are also seeking out a sacred space where you can work on personal growth and explore your spirituality. You may also want to connect with those in a physical space, like at church or a meditation group.

If you have an uncomfortable feeling in your dream, the Blue Jay might also be a sign that you are too hard on yourself or too harsh towards others. You could be needing to tell someone how much you love them and make peace with them. In this case, the Blue Jay could help you figure out what it is in your life that needs changing.

Dreaming about a boisterous Blue Jay: This type of dream may mean that you can’t stand all the advice you’re being fed without being asked, and it advises you to put a stop to it. It can also warn you against dispersion, because you may be losing yourself in useless actions that won’t help you get out of a difficult moment. You can also see in it another warning: be more attentive to your loved ones and speak only when it will be useful. The dream asks you to show authority and self-discipline.

Dreaming about a Blue Jay in a cage: This dream symbolizes the aspiration to freedom of movement and thought. It can also mean that you feel trapped in your current life, which does not correspond to what you really want. The Blue Jays in this dream tell you that mutual aid is important: if you are unable to open your cage, ask for outside help.

Interesting facts about the Blue Jay

Observers of Blue Jays have noticed a peculiar habit in these birds: they capture ants and then rub them on their feathers. It is thought that this is to rid the ants of their noxious secretions so that they can be safely eaten. Or the jays extract formic acid from these insects to kill the parasites nesting in their feathers. The jay therefore symbolizes intelligence and ingenuity.

The Blue Jay is able to emit a wide variety of sounds: rattling, squeaking, very loud sounds,… The combinations of these sounds differ as if they were forming sentences with complex grammar. The Blue Jay also enjoys imitating the calls of other birds, like the hawk. When they live in a cage, they are even good at reproducing human words or sounds heard in the place where they live. The jay symbolizes the art of communication, adaptability, and the art of protective mimicry.

Myths and legends associated with the Blue Jay

The flashy side of the Blue Jay gave birth to legends in connection with Christ little to the honor of this bird. In Germany, it is said that the oak jay, an ally of the Devil to whom it brings twigs to keep the fires of Hell burning, would have tried to attract the attention of Herod, on the day of the massacre of the Holy Innocents, so that he would find the Child Jesus hidden under a sheaf of wheat. Since then, the jay would be condemned to search endlessly for its food.

The fable of La Fontaine, entitled “The Jay adorned with the Peacock’s Feathers” uses the jay to point out the plagiarists and the deceivers. One passage in the fable says this, referring to a jay that has adorned itself with the feathers lost by a peacock:

“Then among other peacocks, all proud strutted,

Believing himself to be a fine figure.

The jay fooled no one and ended up plucked.”

But let’s end on a positive note. For the Celts, the jay is a watchman of great vigilance. It is also a tree sower. Thanks to the reserves of seeds that this bird makes in the ground, some forgotten seeds germinate and produce new plants. We observe the same phenomenon when it comes to the provisions buried by a squirrel.

It is also said that a jay, which was then a very dull bird, was wrongly accused of a misdeed by the other birds. Only the cuckoo bird defended him and proved his innocence. The other birds were each condemned to give the jay one of their feathers, hence the variety of colors of the ‘s plumage.


The Blue Jay is an enticing spirit animal for those who are looking for freedom and independence in their life. This striking bird represents the human will and it offers insight through its natural instinct to be free-spirited, curious, and gutsy. The Blue Jay is not afraid of opposition or ridicule because it trusts in its ability to change. It realizes that there are lessons to learn by breaking free from the ordinary and taking risks. The Blue Jay spirit animal is always looking to change and grow. It teaches us that we should trust our natures and learn self-reliance by being bold and going after our dreams.

An inspirational message from your Blue Jay

I am a Blue Jay with a wingspan that stretches from here to there.

A bird that can fly and explore the world around me.

Tired of waiting for life to happen,

And tired of watching it from the sidelines,

I’m going to take an active role in my own life.

Risking it all is a small price that I will gladly pay for success.

In order to get what I want, I had better pursue it with passion and conviction.

I must be brave enough to take risks if want anything great to come my way.

The future is drawing close; make no excuses and don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your goals.

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