Elephant Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

In many cultures, elephants are featured as symbols of power, wisdom, inspiration, and reverence. Their strength is legendary throughout history as well as mythology. Even today, they still carry this powerful connotation with them, which makes them the perfect spirit animal for anyone who wants to take charge of what’s happening in their life.

What does the elephant symbolize?

Generally, the elephant represents:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Wisdom
  • Intuition
  • Longevity
  • Maternal instinct, motherliness
  • Stability in our lives
  • Physical strength and invulnerability
  • Endurance and a desire to live a long life
  • A reminder that life is like a circus (sometimes crazy, but full of wonder)
  • Mother Earth

Elephants are iconic creatures, and they are notorious for having many different meanings. However generally the elephant symbolizes power and invincibility. This divine animal is also symbolic of wisdom and longevity. Many people will see elephants as more than just a cute creature – they will see them as a symbol of protection and strength and an ally that will guide them through the difficult times of their lives.

Power & Strength: The elephant invites you to become more aware of your own power

The elephant has long been admired because of its strength and power. Elephants can lift or carry as much as 16,000 pounds, and they can also run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour despite its heavy weight. This incredible animal teaches us to recognize our own strength and power. We all have power and we can use it for good, making our lives and the world a better place. We only need to be aware of this power and take charge of it.

Through contemplation and meditation about the elephant’s spirit animal qualities, we can use its wisdom to enhance our own strength.

If we feel powerless, there are ways to balance this out. For example, you can become more mindful, listen to your intuition or reach out for help. Also, by recognizing that power comes from within us, we can begin the journey of feeling powerful again. When you find the elephant spirit guide in your life, you will become more aware of your own strengths and abilities. You will become more secure, knowing that you have the power to create what you want your life to be.

Stability: The elephant inspires stability in our lives

The elephant is said to symbolize stability because of its deep connection with the land. It’s long legs protect the animal from predators like lions and bears. This is a symbol that can be attributed to men as well since it shows their ability to rise above the pressures of change and remain stable in their lives. Able to remain stable in life despite external pressures, the elephant symbolizes steady progress or lack thereof. People looking for change often gravitate towards the elephant because of this animal’s ability to remain stable at all times.

If we are feeling unstable in our life, the elephant spirit animal will help us to find inner stability that comes from knowing that we have what it takes to move forward with confidence.

Wisdom: The elephant, a symbol of wisdom that inspires us in our lives

The elephant spirit animal has an old soul, one that has lived for many years. It understands how to live in the world and what we need to do to live a balanced life. Elephants are known to be the wisest and most intelligent of all land animals. They exhibit a calm and gentle nature on the outside, and a deep wisdom on the inside. This is why the elephant spirit animal invites us to connect with our own inner wisdom.

We all have wisdom, but sometimes we can be so busy trying to fit in or make things look perfect. We can forget that being true to ourselves is the best path to take. Embracing the wisdom that’s within us is a good way to connect with the elephant spirit animal. We can learn to listen to our inner voice and trust our instincts. We will benefit from the wisdom that we’ve collected over a lifetime, and we can use it to guide us in this life’s new adventures.

Intuition: The elephant spirit animal helps us to become more intuitive

We all have an intuition, but it may be a difficult thing to identify. If we want to tap into our intuition, the elephant is a perfect symbol for us. Elephants have been described as having a

gentle, sensitive and intuitive nature. This is why the elephant spirit animal will encourage us to listen to our intuition and value our thoughts, especially when they come from a deeper place within us.

Listen to your intuition. Use it to guide you. Learn to trust yourself and your inner voice.

Our intuition is always giving us signs, but we may not be tuned in to it. When we’re attuned to our intuition, we can use it as a guide in our lives. The more we tune into our intuition, the more receptive we will be to its guidance. Receiving help from the elephant spirit animal is a great way to live a life that is more attuned to our intuition. By doing this, we will be able to connect with what’s happening around us and become more sensitive to what’s happening inside of us.

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Earth-Connectedness: Having a Spiritual Connection with the Earth

The elephant is strongly connected to the earth element, which could mean that it represents your need to feel more grounded or settled in your life. When you feel more grounded, you are at peace with your world and don’t worry about how things are changing around us. You can tap into your inner power to face whatever situation you are facing. You have inner strength when things are tough because you know how to handle tough situations.

Sometimes, you might forget about your connection with the earth, and become disconnected from yourself or your environment. In this case, it might be difficult for you to feel grounded because you forget that your inner world is part of the world outside of yourself. As a result, you may start feeling lost in life and not sure about who you are and what your purpose is. You have to dig deeper into yourself in order to find meaning and purpose in life. Therefore, being connected with the earth means being connected to yourself, your own purpose and meaning in life.

Positive energy: The elephant boosts your positive energy

Everyone needs positive energy in their lives especially when trying to overcome difficult times. The elephant spirit animal gives strength to those who need it the most during the heaviest times of life. It can be seen as a beacon of light during the darkness. The elephant is a large mammal, deemed one of the strongest creatures to roam on earth. It is because of this quality that elephants are able to get through obstacles in life that others may not be able to handle on their own.

As an animal guide, it represents the power of the human spirit. It gives us the power to overcome our obstacles in life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, you can draw strength from the elephant to amplify your positive energy. Look at this inspiring creature as an example of how to cope with difficult tasks ahead through willpower and perseverance. It will also help you become more self-sufficient throughout your life by giving you strength in even the darkest moments.

The Hindu god Ganesha symbolizes “overcoming obstacles”

The iconic Hindu god Ganesha is seen as the god of overcoming obstacles. It is always depicted with an elephant head. Ganesha has half of his body in human form and the other half is in elephant form. This symbolizes that it can relate to humans while also comprehending the animal world. It is often seen holding a lotus flower, which shows that he knows when people are ready to bloom into something greater than what they once were. The lotus flower grows out of muddy waters but still maintains its beauty and purity regardless of how it starts its growth.

Ganesha allows us to see our inner beauty regardless of what life gives us, even if we start our lives in muddy waters. It allows us to start from square one and work our way up to a better position, no matter where we come from.

Protection: The elephant as a symbol of protection

Elephants are particularly known for their massive size and very protective nature. While they are very large, their sense of smell is exceptionally keen. Their acute hearing allows them to know exactly what’s going on even if it is over great distances away. For example, elephants are known to stop other elephants from fighting with each other. They will simply walk over and use their bodies to separate the two, showing them that fighting won’t solve anything. Or they can be aggressive with other animals when it is necessary, but they are also very gentle towards their herd or humans since they are so social.

This shows us that the elephant spirit animal can help us become more protective of ourselves and those we love. It inspire us to take care of our surroundings and to seek out harmony with others. The elephant helps us remember that we can use our power to protect those who need protecting, especially if they’re weaker than us. It teaches us how to be strong from the inside out so we can protect those around us as well as ourselves.

Nurturing instinct: Caring for others and maternal instinct

Elephants are known for their maternal and nurturing nature. They bond with their babies very closely, and they will often go to great lengths to keep them safe from harm. Mothers are known to nurture and protect their babies with great care, so the elephant is a great symbol for nurturing instincts.

The elephant spirit animal helps us to become more aware of our own nurturing instincts as well as those of others. We can nurture ourselves by eating healthy foods and taking proper care of our bodies. We can also take better care of others by being respectful towards them and acting out of love. For example, we can use our nurturing instincts to help a friend in need or a loved one who’s going through a difficult time. We can also use them to show love and affection towards the people we care about. With maternal love and compassion, we can work together with others and be there for them whenever they need us. Our nurturing instincts also allow us to develop our skills and abilities, helping us pursue our goals with more passion and energy.

Repressed anger: The shadow side of the elephant

The elephant is considered to be one of the gentlest animals in the kingdom. However, there are times when this animal becomes violent and is known to attack humans with little provocation. There are also many instances of it running amok, after which it will kill anything that comes its way. The elephant spirit animal can thus represent resentment and anger. This shadow side of the elephant can also be found in us if we pretend not to see the things that make us angry. If we suppress our anger, we will become more and more resentful and begin to see other people as adversaries instead of allies.

The elephant spirit animal can guide us to be angrier when we need to be angry. It shows us how angry people feel and how this anger unfolds in situations that require more of a response than just a smile and a nod. We can let go of our anger with confidence because we know how powerful anger really is when it is used wisely. The elephant spirit guide will show us how to do this. It will give us confidence in ourselves and restore our faith in ourselves by making us realize that we are not only capable of changing our attitude, but also of changing the situation around us.

Slowing down: An invitation to slow down and relax

The elephant spirit animal is a very strong animal, but it usually moves at a slow pace! This shows us that you can slow down sometimes and take your time with things. You may have a lot on your plate, but you don’t have to rush through it all. In fact, if you rush you will just wear yourself out and not be able to handle it as well as if you took your time with each process and detail of the plan. The elephant spirit animal reminds us that when things are taking longer then when they should, that they are also worth waiting for!

Social introverts: The elephant is a perfect guide for social introverts

Elephants are very social animals that enjoy the company of humans, but they also like to be left alone. This is what makes them perfect spiritual guides for people who are shy or who don’t like the idea of being in the spotlight all the time. Elephants love to be with people when it’s convenient, but they will always leave room for their own space in order to get away when they feel anxious or overwhelmed.

The elephant teaches us how to be more social while still keeping our own needs and needs for solitude. It helps us to be secure in our own power and not too dependent on other people.

Sensitivity: A useful ally for highly sensitive people and empaths

The elephant spirit animal is a very sensitive animal and this will help you with your sensitivity and empathy. This creature is gifted with the ability to sense its surroundings very deeply. This is one of the reasons why it’s considered a good spirit animal for people who are sensitive. When someone becomes more aware of their sensitivity, they are more likely to become accepting of it and learn how to use the gift that comes with being sensitive.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, this is a great spirit animal to have by our side. We can breathe deeply and then pay attention to our surroundings. By doing this, we will be able to feel the emotions of others since the elephant spirit animal is tuned in very deeply. The elephant also represents a sense of strength, which is very helpful when we’re feeling sensitive. We can remember that we don’t need to hide our sensitivity, but rather be open and honest about it. We can use this strength to help us be the most we can be, which will allow us to use our sensitivity in a positive way.

Community: The elephant spirit animal can be a great help in appreciating your community

The elephant spirit animal is a great symbol for community and family. Elephants live in tight-knit family communities and they’re very loyal to those around them. They will even go as far as putting their own lives at risk to protect those they love. The elephants you meet can help you to understand the strength, power, and compassion that comes from being a part of a team or community. This will help you to appreciate your community, whether it’s a group of friends or a neighborhood because these people can be a source of support for you when times get tough.

If the elephant spirit animal is present in your environment, then this is a great time to spend some time with people that are important to you. If you feel like you don’t belong or like you need to find somewhere where you do feel like you belong, then this spirit animal can help you to realize that it’s okay. Many of the most memorable experiences in our lives happen when we’re with others. This is because we often learn and grow through interacting with the people around us. The elephant spirit animal will remind you of the importance of community and it can help you to strengthen your bond with other people.

When to call the elephant power animal for support?

An elephant represents our own power and self-confidence. There are various ways in which these energies can be tapped into in our lives, depending on the situation that needs to be addressed.

When you feel weak or vulnerable, the elephant comes to show you that your resilience is stronger than you think.

When you want to feel more protected, the elephant stands for intelligence and invulnerability because of their physical strength.

When you feel conflicted, the elephant comes to show you that your intelligence and intuition will come to your aid in making the right choice. We can call upon this wisdom and intelligence to help us make better choices in our lives.

When we want to foster more of a sense of reverence in our own lives. The elephant represents reverence because of their size and majesty; such a majestic creature such as the elephant should be treated with respect.

When we want to enhance our own vitality or desire longer life. The elephant represents longevity because elephants live long lives;

When we want to foster more love in our lives, the elephant represents motherliness because many females in nature help raise the young and care for others in their group.

When we need to have more stability in our own lives, the elephant represents a state of stability because elephants seem to have a great deal of inner strength and self-knowledge that allows them to stay very calm under trying circumstances.

When we want to access more of the feminine in our own life. The elephant represents the feminine because of its matriarchal system, where females stay together for life and raise their young together.

When trying to recognize each other’s similarities instead of differences, the elephant represents the fact that all beings are connected when it comes to survival, that they will work together to protect each other in times of danger or threat.

Facts about elephants

They have been known to carry as much as 3 tons of weight on their backs and have shown many signs of being strong and powerful throughout the years. T

In an article from the Animal Planet, there was a study that compared the way elephants behaved with that of newborn humans. They found that elephants have an average of two or three years to learn all the motor skills necessary for walking and balancing. Elephants have a long gestation period before they can reproduce and a single calf can walk at age 2 years!

Elephants have long been the victims of poaching and animal poaching. It is estimated that 100,000 elephants are killed each year by poachers for their ivory. However, in 1989 the international trade of ivory was banned to help protect this magnificent creature from extinction.

The elephant dream symbol: What does it mean when you dream about an elephant?

Dreams about elephants usually relate to power and fortitude. They can represent the wild animal and a raw power within us or just “something big” in our life. They’re generally associated with positive meanings, but they may also have a shadow side. If you see an elephant in your dream, it will mean different things depending on the dream scenario.

Here are some interpretations of 12 of the most common scenarios to get you started:

  1. If you dream about riding an elephant, then this can represent a burden that is difficult to carry on your own. It could also mean that you feel like an outsider of some kind. However, if the elephant is very tame and gentle, then it can represent great patience and good fortune.
  2. If you’re afraid of the elephant, this might mean that you are afraid to use your own power; you’re afraid of losing control. You feel like you want to do something but feel restrained. This can be caused by someone or something in your life or it can simply be the case that you are afraid to look at your own feelings and emotions. The elephant might also represent a threatening situation or influence in your life that triggers anxiety.
  3. If you’re being attacked by an elephant, this means that someone is trying to make you do something against your will. They want to push you into taking action when, in reality, it’s not really what you want to do. They may be intimidating you in order for them to get their way in some way. It could also mean that you are trying to avoid dealing with a situation in your life.
  4. If you dream about elephants attacking people or running amok, then this can represent repressed anger or resentment towards others. It can also mean that you are trying to avoid dealing with a problem you have in your life.
  5. If an elephant charges at you in your dream, then this implies that someone is trying to intimidate or scare you into doing something that isn’t really what you want to do. It could also mean that someone around you is trying to control your life and keep you from moving forward.
  6. If you are being chased by an elephant, this can be symbolic for someone who is chasing after you trying to make you do something that isn’t really what you want to do. It can also mean that you are having trouble dealing with a situation in your life. You want to let go of some aspect of your life, but you feel like you can’t do it. It could also mean that something in your life is causing you to feel trapped and confined.
  7. If you dream about an elephant that ‘s being hunted, then this can represent your fear of being attacked or having something bad happen to you. It could also mean that someone around you is causing you to suffer. However, if the elephant gets away the hunt, then this could also mean that you will be able to overcome whatever it is that’s causing you issues in your life before it becomes an issue.
  8. If you dream about elephants with babies, then this can mean that you will experience changes in your life or within yourself. It could also mean that you are struggling to give birth to something new in your life or in your consciousness.
  9. If you dream of seeing them in their natural habitat, then this represents the strength and resilience of the animal itself it an inspiration in your life right now. If you dream of seeing them caged or captive outside their habitat, this could represent your own potential for power and strength. It could also be a symbol for personal freedom or liberation.
  10. To dream about seeing an elephant being hurt or injured suggests that we have suffered from some kind of injury or loss, perhaps due to letting emotions running wild or as a result of bullying.
  11. To see deceased elephants symbolizes a great loss. You may feel alone and abandoned during this time of sadness and grief. Perhaps you are remembering something that you loved or someone who had greatly impacted you in good ways.
  12. Dreaming about a white elephant is said to represent purity or innocence. This is because white elephants are very rare in the wild. To dream of a white elephant means that you are likely experiencing purity or innocence in your life.

Myth and Legends

The elephant is a mythical animal that has been featured in cultures around the world for centuries, living in India, Asia, and Africa. It is no surprise that the elephant has so many symbolic meanings. From being a symbol of fertility to its deep connection with Buddha, the elephant is truly an amazing creature.

In ancient India, the elephant was revered as a royal symbol of strength and power. In ancient Rome, the elephant represented wisdom and determination.

Eastern cultures revered elephants in mythology and also in practical purposes. They are traditionally regarded as a symbol of longevity and good fortune.

In Buddhist iconography, the Elephant has been used as a symbol for Enlightenment since the 3rd century B.C.

In ancient Greece, they were considered symbols of magnificence and stateliness.

In China, elephants were regarded as wise creatures that could discern between good and evil spirits.

The elephant is one of the most sacred animals in Hinduism. The Hindu god with an elephant head, Ganesh, is the remover of obstacles and brings luck. The god Vishnu rests on the back of an elephant to show his stateliness and power.

In other Eastern cultures, elephants represent harmony because of their long-lived status among herds of other animals.


The elephant spirit animal can be a great ally if you feel like you’re going through a difficult time or simply need a little extra peace in your life. They are strong, capable animals that are also extremely nurturing, which makes them an ideal animal to call on when you need help to find your next step in life. They will show you that it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes, while also teaching you about the importance of being courageous and standing up for yourself. If the elephant is a part of your life, then this means that it’s time for you to shine brightly and make a big impact on the world around you!

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