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This guide was created to support deeper and meaningful connections with animals, whether they are in their spirit or physical form. Its purpose is that everyone will find information, knowledge, and wisdom that will serve them in their daily life and support their personal development and journey through life by connecting more deeply with the spirit of animals.

A modern guide following the footsteps of ancient traditions

Following the footsteps of many traditions from all around the world, this guide on spirit animals also adopts a contemporary perspective on the subject. Based on modern principles of psychology and intuitive work, its goal is to present information in a format that is easy to read for anyone curious about the world of spirit or power animals. At the same time, it also intends to convey the deeper, mystical, and spiritual meanings associated with the animals and our relationship to them as spirit guides and totems.

In many traditions, our relationship with the spirit of animals is a reminder that all life is sacred. From the dawn of times, humankind had a relationship with animals, not just in the physical realms, but also in the spiritual ones. Folklore, rituals, myths around the globe involve animals as part of a sacred experience, a special relationship we have with the world.

Spirit animals, also referred to as power animal or animal totems, are symbolic representations of our inner character and dynamics in our lives. As such, they carry multiple meanings that are often difficult to decipher. That’s why this guide is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, contemporary, and easy to understand presentation of spirit animals.

The spirit behind this guide on spirit animals

SpiritAnimal.info was started in reverence to nature, animals, and their powerful influence in our lives. Animals, whether they appear in spirit or physical form, enrich our lives. They are a testimony of life’s diversity and vitality. This guide was created of out love and respect for the animal kingdom and role of spirit animals in our personal journey in life.

Each creature that appears as a spirit guide has the potential of showing us different facets of ourselves, our inner world and our relationship with life in general. This guide’s purpose is to foster a deeper understanding and connection with spirit animals, so we can tap into their inherent wisdom.

Each animal has its own power and offers opportunities to work on different lessons. In addition, each of us has a unique, personal relationship with animals we feel we have a special connection with.

Elena Harris HeadshotThis guide has been created to support accurate and empowering understanding that encourages the reader to find their own meanings and further develop their connection with the spirit or power animals.

Be it of good use to you.

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Elena Harris, SpiritAnimal.info Editor

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