Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

Author: Elena Harris

The Hippopotamus: Symbolism, Message and Meanings

The world is full of awe-inspiring creatures, and the hippopotamus is one such creature that often appears as an animal guide. Hippos are powerful symbols of great skills in problem solving, confidence, self-reliance and strength. The hippopotamus shows up in your life to let you know that you have all the resources you need to overcome the most difficult challenges in your path. This could mean that you are up to the challenge and will have the ability to find your way through, no matter what. There’s a wealth of meanings and life lessons the hippo spirit animal can bring us. Let’s explore together!

What does the Hippopotamus symbolize?

Typical meanings associated with the hippopotamus spirit animal include:

  • Hidden strength
  • Protection from harm
  • Intelligence and wisdom
  • Fertility
  • Stability and fortitude in the face of adversity
  • Ability to navigate emotions clearly
  • Perseverance
  • Prudence in all things
  • Courage
  • Calmness in crisis
  • Honesty
  • Creativity

A short explanation of the Hippopotamus symbolism

Stability: Because of their large size, hippos are often seen as symbols of stability. They are large and sturdy so they can navigate ground that is challenging. This same principle can be applied to life and the pursuit of our dreams. There will always be challenges in life but if we apply a strong foundation with knowledge, self-confidence, and perseverance in ourselves then we will know how to handle them as they arise.

Hidden strength: Hippos have very powerful jaws which makes them a symbol of strength and durability (which also makes them an animal that symbolizes the power behind stillness). It is important for us to have this same kind of strength when pursuing our goals- working hard once one has been set so it doesn’t just become another idea or dream that never came to fruition.

Proper use of aggression: Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa because they are aggressive. This is a clear symbol that we too must know how to harness the power behind our aggression- using it when needed but knowing when not to as well. The hippo spirit animal brings calmness in crisis and this is one of those times in which it’s important to remain calm so we can assess the situation and make a proper decision about what to do next. The ability to navigate emotions clearly can help us with this so we don’t let our feelings get in the way of his decision making process and end up hurting others or ourselves because of it.

Intelligence and wisdom: The hippopotamus is a very intelligent animal. Hippos are considered by many as some of the most intelligent animals on earth. They live in complex social groups, conserve water, and are good at anticipating future events that may occur in their environment. The intelligence that an individual will experience when they ask for a hippo totem will provide them with great wisdom and insight, enabling them to come up with creative solutions to challenges or problems they might encounter.

Stability and fortitude in the face of adversity: Hippos have been known to show clear signs of stability and strength even under difficult conditions. This can be seen through their ability to withstand hunger for long periods as they consume up to 100 pounds of grass daily. The hippo totem can help people who are having a difficult time in life obtain the necessary strength and stability to face their struggles. It is sometimes said that a person’s character is only proven in times when prosperity is hard to come by. The hippo will help people reach within themselves and draw upon their inner strength to sustain themselves even during challenging times.

An ability to persevere even at difficult times: Hippos are known for their persistence especially when it comes to moving from one place to another because of the size of their bodies. Not only do they move about with great ease, but they also do so with great confidence and determination. The hippo spirit animal will help people draw upon the power of persistence to reach their goals. It will help them become persistent even if things appear to be difficult at first.

Great physical strength: Hippos are among the strongest animals in the world. They can drag more than a ton of weight and run at a speed of nearly 20 miles per hour. This ability to be strong will allow an individual who asks for a hippo totem to obtain great physical strength and endurance. This kind of strength can help them become victorious in challenging situations.

An instinctive understanding of how to “let go” when necessary: The hippo is a creature that is very determined and has great resilience, making it one of the strongest animals in the animal kingdom. This means that when they decide to move about from place to place, they won’t stop until they have arrived at their target destination. In human life, those who have great physical strength are often also found to possess this attribute. They will not give up on their goals easily even though the roads may sometimes be difficult for them. If a person asks the hippo for guidance, he or she will find that their instincts tend toward persistence and an unwavering resolve when it comes to pursuing a goal or destination. They will find that they are equipped with the maturity and wisdom to “let go” when it is necessary to do so.

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Prudence in all things: Hippos are very cautious creatures. They give ample attention to details so they can avoid danger. They have a keen sense of danger and will react immediately by jumping into water or going ashore whenever they sense something is amiss. In human life, people who possess an instinct for prudence know how to assess risk before taking any action, even if it might appear like a minor move or decision at first. The hippo will have a positive influence on people who ask this animal guide to encouraging them to learn from their experience and be more prudent about things.

Courage: The hippopotamus has a powerful body that makes it one of the strongest animals in the animal kingdom. It also has keen senses that help it make quick decisions when confronting danger. This kind of courage can help people who ask for its totem get through tough circumstances with confidence and bravery, achieving great feats when faced with challenges.

Calmness in crisis: Hippos are very wary creatures, much like human beings can be. Their intelligence and adaptability enables them to come up with a solution to any problem they might encounter. This is why they rarely show signs of panic or anxiety even if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. People who have the hippo as a spirit animal will find that this creature can help them be calm and collected when confronting difficulty.

A protector during difficult times: A hippo totem can actually serve as a source of protection for a person who asks for it. With its great strength, the hippopotamus is not someone to be trifled with, so most predators will shy away from approaching one. The same thing can happen to a person who can draw on the hippo’s protective and vast energy.

Ease during difficult times: Although they may appear to be intimidating creatures because of their size and strength, hippos are very friendly. They live in pods that are composed of around 15 members that are led by an alpha female or male. If you are connected to the hippo, you will find that it can help people develop friendships quickly. They have strong bonds of friendship with their fellow hippo mates and are not afraid to share the love they have for one another.

Honesty and sincerity: The hippopotamus is a very honest creature that does not back down from confrontation. If it encounters something that it does not agree with, it will hold its ground and fight back unless there is obvious danger involved. As such, people who have this spirit animal will find that they can be true to themselves without being embarrassed about what they do or say even if they appear to be facing difficulties or adversity. They will also find that honesty is valued by others and appreciated by them.

Creativity: Hippos are very creative animals that can take on different tasks with ease. They are comfortable in water as well as on land, and so they have adapted to their environment by developing ways to survive. This ability has given them the opportunity to grow and also thrive in their surroundings. You can ask this creature to help you do the same.

The Hippopotamus In Myths And Folk Tales

In Ancient Egypt, the hippopotamus was seen as a bringer of divine protection and as a symbol of rebirth. The animal was also associated with the Nile, which Egyptians believed to be their lifeblood.

The goddess Taweret (or Taurt) is often depicted as having the head and body of a woman and the tail of a crocodile or hippo. Her name means “she who gives birth to and protects children” because she assisted women during childbirth. She also protected the pharaohs in their tombs, acting as a protector.

A myth about Isis and the Jackal depicts Isis as a great mother figure, who mourns her lost children and therefore protects them when they pass into the Underworld. In this story, she is able to follow her son Horus to find his body after he is killed by Set. She brings his body back to her temple where she spends nine days and nights with him before he is resurrected (rebirth). When she brings him back from being dead, he has the flesh of a fully-grown hippopotamus over his body. In this way, hippos were associated with resurrection in Egypt.

Hippos and their aggressive behavior were thought to be related to the god Set, who was a god of chaos. Set’s son Anubis was a god of mummification, which could be linked to the hippo’s tendency towards water.

The hippopotamus is also very influential in ancient and modern African mythology and tradition can symbolize many different things. It could represent the earth, and its aggressive nature could symbolize how our impact on it is sometimes to the detriment of others. It can also represent fertility and growth or even a warning about greed. The hippo may also be seen as a symbol of new beginnings, especially in northern Africa where they are a common animal. For some tribes, carrying a hippo tooth or skin was thought to bring good luck when hunting game or going on journeys.

In Africa, there are many stories about the hippo and its symbolic meaning. The hippopotamus is a common symbol in African culture – it can be found on music, textiles, and buildings. For example in West Africa the animal is associated with fertility and abundance and it’s said that the sound of their breathing brings life to crops. In Southern Africa the animals are seen as a symbol of virility and strength. If you’re curious about reading a folk tale involving the hippo, read “The hippopotamus and the Tortoise”, a tale from Nigeria.

A Few Interesting Facts About The Hippo

  • Hippos are the third-largest land mammal
  • A hippo’s loud bellow can be heard up to a mile away
  • Hippos spend 1/3 of their time in rivers or swamps
  • The average hippo weighs 3 tons
  • Hippos can run up to 20 miles an hour
  • Hippos are typically tan or brown with white patches above the eyes and mouth, which act as camouflage in the water
  • A hippo’s skin is so tough that a human could not cut it with a knife
  • Hippopotamus means “river horse” in Greek
  • Even though hippos spend most of their time in water, they still need to breathe air for an hour at the surface every day for oxygen.
  • Incredibly, they can stay submerged underwater for up to 5 minutes.

Life lessons from the Hippopotamus

You’re strong enough: The huge size of the hippo can make it seem like this Spirit Animal is very powerful, but in actuality, it teaches us that we are big enough and strong enough to overcome anything. When you feel like you’re overwhelmed by the stresses of life, the hippopotamus spirit animal can come to your aid by reminding you that no matter how overwhelming the problems may seem, you can face them with courage and strength. It teaches us that there is always hope and that reaching out for help does not give up our power. It gives us the strength to make a difference in our lives. The hippo spirit guide will never tell us we’re not capable of something, but instead teaches us how to believe in ourselves when it’s most difficult.

Use the power of patience to overcome anything: It has important lessons to teach about overcoming challenges with grace rather than aggression. The message conveyed by this animal guide is that obstacles can be overcome with grace and patience. It also represents hidden strength which can be accessed when needed. It teaches us that even the biggest problems can be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks, and that we are strong enough to conquer whatever life throws at us.

Don’t give up! When you’re having difficulty in achieving a goal and feel like giving up, the hippopotamus spirit animal is often able to help you stick with it. The hippo encourages us to stick with our goals and always remember that each step we take is one step closer to accomplishing our dreams. This Spirit Animal is very often able to help people who have difficulty staying positive and focused when feeling overwhelmed by the troubles of life. The hippo guides us to believe in our ability to make a difference and to be patient with ourselves while we learn the steps toward accomplishing our goals.

Believe in yourself: The hippopotamus spirit animal is very often able to help people who are dealing with feelings of low self-esteem and shame because of past mistakes. The hippo has immense strength and is capable of overcoming the most difficult obstacles, including its own weight. This animal may guide you to learn that your mistakes do not define you or create who you are; only who you choose to be creates your destiny. The hippo spirit can help you overcome negative feelings of inadequacy, and gives you the ability to take control of your life so that you can achieve your dreams.

Celebrate your life! The Hippopotamus is a very happy creature so it’s a great spirit animal for people who are happy with their lives. Everyone wants to feel like their life matters – this can give us strength enough not to give up on our dreams. If you want to do something great then go out in the world and change something at least once, but you can’t do that unless you know what your passion is.

Use These Life Lessons Whenever You Need It:

  • Whenever in doubt, go with your gut/intuition and you’ll never go wrong.
  • A strong foundation is the key to success. Build it up with knowledge, confidence, and persistence and you will be able to handle any hurdle or challenge that comes your way.
  • No matter how big or small the challenge is, if you know that you can overcome it then you’re already one step ahead of the competition.
  • Be like a hippo and don’t be afraid to take on challenges and use your personal skills and energy to get the job done.
  • Use this spirit animal to remind yourself that sometimes when you feel stuck or confused about what direction to go in, it’s okay to sit and wait for inspiration/guidance from your intuition/heart/gut.
  • Remember to be good to yourself and to take the time you need for self-care too!
  • You don’t have to overthink things, and if you do it is okay to let go of your mental burdens.

Hippopotamus People Personality

The Hippopotamus people are usually described as being loyal, serious and low-key, organized and systematic in their thinking and approach to life. They are hardworking but patient with themselves if things do not go well at the first try. They have a personality that is reliable, dependable, honest and understanding of others.

If you are a hippo person, you may often exhibit the following personality traits:

  • Friendly and calm
  • Stubborn and persistent
  • Humorous
  • Nurturing
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Competent and organized
  • Tend to be very serious, but do not forget to be optimistic and open-minded

Hippo people are friendly and calm, but they enjoy when others are around them. They people are a good listener who know what needs to be said and when it needs to be said. As such they often surround themselves with other people with the same qualities. Note that they can be stubborn at times and sometimes feel like there is a need to prove themselves.

Hippopotamus people are very nurturing and helpful. They enjoy taking care of others and making sure that others are happy. They love children and animals. Hippopotamus people love to hug and be hugged by others, especially if they had a long or stressful day!

They have a great sense of humor. Sometimes their jokes are not taken well, but they try hard to get people to laugh with them.

They are hard-workers and will usually do their best to accomplish a goal. Hippo people can be described as intelligent when it comes to business and finance, but when it comes to life they may sometimes take advantage of others without thinking about what they need the most.

The hippopotamus people are easygoing fun to be around yet disciplined enough that they will try something twice before throwing in the towel.

Their weakness may be seen in their arguments which are based more on feelings than facts. Hippo people need to watch their emotional reactions, and not to feel that they are always being treated unfairly.

Sometimes, hippo people need to spend time They are able to manage their own emotions and don’t need the support and guidance of others to help them through it. We all need time alone with ourselves so we can clear our heads, be in touch with our intuition and heart and figure out when we need support from others and when we can stand on our own two feet.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Hippopotamus?

It’s likely that when you have a dream about seeing a hippopotamus, it’s a positive dream symbolizing that you’re taking an instinctive approach to your responsibilities. When you dream about a hippo, it usually means that in spite of challenges you’re using your personal power and gifts wisely and effectively. You are trying to find a way to respond creatively and with grace under pressure.

Common Interpretations Of Hippos In Dreams Are:

You have the power and strength to overcome your present difficulties and you’re being guided by your instinctual or spiritual energies.

You are experiencing some kind of maternal love in your lives right now. It may not be a romantic love or physical love. It might simply be the love of being taken care of and being nurtured.

Dreaming of a baby hippopotamus means you’re nurturing feelings and abilities that were once dormant.

Dreaming of a wounded hippopotamus means you may be living in an environment where it’s difficult for your true self to thrive.

To dream of killing or being attacked by a hippopotamus means that you feel threatened by powers greater than yourself, and that you turn that fear into anger rather than try to understand what’s going on around you.

Being chased by a hippo indicates that there is something about your life that is weighing down on you and you feel much more comfortable avoiding it, but still wish to release some pent-up frustration.

To dream of rescuing or caring for a hippopotamus means you are nurturing your own strengths and abilities. You’re on the path to self-discovery.

To dream of a hippopotamus in captivity means that you feel like you have to hold yourself back in social situations. Growing your own spiritual power is going to help you discover what’s holding you back and how to overcome it.

If you see a hippopotamus in a zoo or circus, it indicates that you have no control over the situation at hand and that someone else is trying to pull the strings behind your back, leading you to feel very confused and off-balance.

To dream about seeing hippos in the water represents your desire to escape from something in your life and not be burdened by it anymore; this could also mean you wish to have a fresh start in life, or perhaps start living more like a hippo (sleep all day and play the night away).

To dream that you’re a hippopotamus or that you have the body of a hippopotamus represents your inability to overcome your own feelings and emotions; this may be caused by feeling out of control or feeling like someone or something else has taken over your life, so taking back control is the best way to get a hold of yourself once again.

To dream of wild animal, especially a hippopotamus could also mean that the nature of someone or something that you’re surrounded by is causing you stress.

Useful Questions To Ask Yourself And Your Spirit Animal

Asking the following questions will help you get to know yourself better. You can use them as a self-reflection tool.  Know that there is no right or wrong answer. The purpose is all about determining what is important and how you want your journey to be headed.

  • What can I reliably rely on in order to have a sense of comfort and stability in my life?
  • What is the best way to use the strength of my animal spirit?
  • What helps me to feel strong and stable emotionally?
  • What is my attitude towards self-care?
  • When do I feel most grounded?
  • In what ways have you been courageous in life?
  • How much time do you spend alone, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?
  • What does success look like to me?

When To Call The Hippopotamus For Help

What are most challenging situations when you can call the hippopotamus for help?

  • When you need to make a difficult decision
  • When you are feeling lost or alone
  • When you are experiencing closed-mindedness in your environment
  • When you need to learn how to communicate better

You can also call on the hippo’s power when you need to:

  • Gain perspective on people and situations by stepping out of them or by seeing them from another’s point of view.
  • Feel more openness in your life through shifting into a fluidity of self-expression and activity that is not limited to one set way of doing things, but allows for change depending on context.
  • Relate to others with softness and gentleness, not judgment or demands.
  • Use your intuition and how your body feels to guide you in how other people are feeling and what is right for you.
  • Overcome your fear of uncertainty and be in charge of your life
  • Feel the flow of change in your life, both internally and externally, without fear or resistance but with softness and flexibility
  • Let go of what has been so you can welcome in what is new to you out of love for yourself and others instead of a fear-based need for security, control or dominance.
  • Embrace the present moment with softness and gentleness, regardless of whether things are going well or poorly.
  • Practice being more centered in yourself and in your environment
  • Face a difficult decision and need help to guide you through the process.

In general, the hippo is an excellent animal guide to call on when you feel like you are floating through life without any direction. It teaches lessons of how to live with fluidity and the ever-changing self-expression. It’s a powerful because when you call on it, it will help you make decisions when facing difficult situations and hard choices.

This power animal teaches lessons of how to embrace change in our lives and flow with it instead of fighting against it. It encourages us how to overcome our fears and develop a greater awareness of our own personal values. This means that when you call on the hippo, you can be in charge of your life.

To Sum It Up

If you have a hippo totem, you will know what it means to have patience and fortitude. You will learn to be an observer of life and its events, but that does not mean that you should not move forward with some action at times when necessary. These are the most important lessons that your power animal can teach you – how to observe the world around you and how to act when the time is right with confidence and a stable, inner strength.

The hippopotamus is a guide to the heart. It represents our ability to love unconditionally and with all of our heart. The floating qualities of water represent change – which is what life is all about. When we embrace change, we become more fluid and open. When we allow ourselves to be fluid, there is more room for growth and new opportunities. So when the hippopotamus shows up in your life, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting – new opportunities and ideas for growth.

A Final Message From Your Hippo Spirit Animal

If you’re seeing me, you’re on the right path. I know that life isn’t always easy for you, but I’m proud of you for handling it with such grace and strength. I know it’s not like you to be loud, but don’t be afraid to let your loud voice roar to help you get your point across. You have powerful traits, and I know you’ll use that power wisely.

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