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Letter from the editor

Elena Harris Headshot“I hope you’ve enjoyed using our quizzes to find and learn even more about spirit animals and their meanings. Many of our readers are attracted to spirit animals because they want to improve their lives and experience even more fullness. To assist you in doing this more easily I’ve created a collection of the best resources online. Browse the list and check out what interests you most. If you want to support the website and help contribute to keeping us running you can donate at the bottom of this page. Thank you so much for following our work, have a blessed day!”
~Elena Harris, Editor SpiritAnimal.info

Spirit Animals

  1. Take the Quizzes – We have created three free spirit animal quizzes and they all tell you something a little different.
  2. Spirit Animal Meditation – If you want to find your spirit animal through meditation, try this guided meditation on youtube. It’s about 12 minutes and can help you reconnect with the natural world and your spirit animal totem.
  3. Animal Spirit Guides Book – One of my favorite books on spirit animals.
  4. Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals Book – Helpful and powerful easy reference guide for spirit animals.
  5. Animal Speak Book – Powerful book helps you recognize and interpret what nature is saying to you.
  6. Power Animal Oracle Cards – Use this card deck to connect with your spirit animals in daily life.
  7. Medicine Cards – Unlock the healing medicine of animals with this card deck/ book.
  8. Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards – This card deck can help you learn the different goddesses and how they can help you.

Meditation & Spirituality

  1. Live Psychic Chat – Don’t want to do it alone? Oranum is the largest spiritual community of psychics and we highly recommend their services. If you’ve got questions you can even chat with them live for free.
  2. Raise Your Energetic Frequency – You’ll want to download the free Love or Above Energetic Breakthrough Kit from Christie Sheldon and start raising your energetic frequency today. Your personal vibration frequency could be the one thing holding you back from abundance, happiness and success.
  3. What’s your Passion Profile? – This free 7 question quiz can reveal exactly how to discover your passions and start living the life that you love. The Attwoods have created something really special and we highly recommend their work.
  4. Reiki Energy Healing – This video will teach you the key to becoming a master reiki healer from home.
  5. Awaken Your Intuition – You’ll want to download the free intuitive mind exercise from the Silva Method. It will help you unlock the minds ability for reliable and consistent intuition in every day life. Millions of people have used the Silva methods to improve their lives, this work is very well known.
  6. Empowered Empaths – If you are an empath or highly sensitive person you need to watch Dr. Michael Smith’s video and learn simple tips to keep your aura clear from negative energy. Michael has trained more empaths than any living teacher, if you’re sensitive to energy you’ll want to learn from him too.
  7. Free Numerology Reading – Do you want to have more success and joy in your life? The best way to do this is by learning more about your name through numerology. It is a 4,000 year old science that can help you learn the meaning of your name, because your name was no accident! All it takes is your name and date of birth.
  8. Learn Creative Visualization – You will want to download a free 9-part creative visualization guide from Lisa Nichols and start creating a life you will be truly inspired by. You might remember Lisa from the movie The Secret, her work is awesome!

Habits & Productivity

  1. Free Online Journal – Penzu looks like a paper journal except its digital and on all your devices. You can read about the benefits of journaling here.
  2. Create a Vision Board Book – Use the power of visualizations to create your ideal life. Learn how with this book.
  3. Vision Board iPhone App – If you want to create and update a living vision board right from your iPhone then you’ll want to use this app.
  4. Mind Bloom Life Game – Helps you grow the life you want by reminding you whats important, discover your motivation, and help you take meaningful action.
  5. Gratitude Journal Book – If you want to experience the benefit of more gratitude then you should get this hand written gratitude journal.
  6. Gratitude Journal iPhone App – If you want to have your private gratitude journal with you everywhere you go, then you’ll want to download this iPhone app.
  7. The Habit Factor Book – Your habits are the single greatest factor in achieving success in life, and this book helps you investigate and improve them.
  8. The Habit Factor Apps for iPhone & Android – This take the teaching of the book to a whole new level so you can integrate it into your daily life and take it everywhere with you.

Health & Wellness

  1. Eat Right, Cook Paleo – Cooking Paleo/Primal diet can help you sleep better, sustained weight loss, reduce bloating, reduce allergies, have more mental clarity, and improve your mood and attitude.
  2. Don’t Run, Do Yoga – Did you know yoga can burn as many calories as running? A recent study proves that half an hour of yoga a week can make 19 pounds vanish. This home study yoga fitness course can help you sculpt muscles to burn more fat, stop stress eating and weight gain, and help you start loving your body so the pounds melt off.
  3. Cure Yeast Infections Forever – This free video reveals one weird tip to quickly cure your candida overgrowth in as little as 12 hours.
  4. Restore Your Vision – Watch this video to learn the one amazing secret that optometrist don’t want you to know that can help you achieve 20/20 vision in as little as 14 days.


  1. Text for Passion – If you want to put the sizzle back in your relationship, this video will tech you how to use simple little text messages to unlock explosive passion in your relationship. I know it sounds silly but it can help you send shivers down your significant other’s spine and reignite your love life in ways you haven’t imagined since you were a teenager. Michael Fiore has been featured everywhere lately because his teachings work, check it out.

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