The Swan Spirit Animal

Author: Elena Harris

If swan has glided into your path, she will help show you find knew ways of thinking, breathing and going with the flow. She asks that you accept your ability to know what lies ahead. Be sure to pay attention to your feminine intuition, hunches and gut instincts. Remember your inner grace and inner beauty. Let it shine forth for those around you to see.

The Swan As Your Animal Totem

If you have swan as your animal totem, then you have the ability to look into the future and accept healing and transformation that is a constant presence in our lives. When you are in relationships, you prefer monogamous relationships. Often individuals with the swan power animal find their true love at a very young age and remain together for years to come. You have the ability to balance work, family and play as well as recognize the importance of personal solitude needed to recharge. In crowds, you are comfortable and are able to maintain your individuality.

“Swan of beauty, swan of grace
A queen among her ancient race
She glides across the mirrored lake
No ripple does the surface break

Realizing your own true beauty will unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers. Swan will show you how to reach your inner beauty within you as well as in others. She teaches about the songs and poetry, which enliven the inner child and beauty within each of us.

Swan Totem Animal Meaning

Swan celebrates beauty, culture, art, love, faith and the depth of the soul. She is sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and brings romance, stimulates fantasy, creativity and allows for true love to blossom making her a lucky totem for soul mates. She let’s single individuals know that true love is near by. Those who are apart from their lovers, she teaches about love through time and space. Couples are blessed with harmony, joy and longevity.

Swan Spirit Animal Symbolism

  • Awakening the power of self
  • Understanding dream symbols
  • Seeing into the future
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Developing intuitive abilities
  • Messenger of Faith
  • Divination
  • Grace in dealing with others
  • Transformation
  • Peace
  • Tranquility
  • Union
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Fidelity
  • Monogamy
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Strength
  • Innocence
  • Inner-Beauty
  • Grace
  • Balance
  • Purity
  • Beauty
  • Dreams
  • Partnership
  • Elegance

Swan Spirit Animal

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Swan Spirit Animal

The Swan Spirit Animal in Folklore

The swan appears often in folklore and fairy tales, as it is one of the most powerful and oldest animal totems. One common story tells of young maidens who would turn into swans after putting on a magic coat of swans skin. However if someone were to discover this coat of swans skin, the maiden would have to either marry the person who found it or do his or her bidding. Tales such as these have come to associate the swan with the fairy realms and magic.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the swan would sing its most beautiful song just before it died. This has led to the tale of the Swan Song.

When Swan Enters Your Dreams

When Swan enters our dreams she symbolizes beauty, dignity, grace, purity, wealth and prestige. A person or something you have met who you initially found unappealing will become of interest to you. Presently, do not take things at face value. It could also mean that it is important for you to continue to behave with grace while handling a difficult situation or time. Your perseverance will grant you a spiritual reward. She asks us to spread our wings and fly. She encourages us to strengthen relationships and develop new, long-lasting bonds with those we admire.

A black swan in dreams symbolizes mysterious unknown. It is a representation of something forbidden, but alluring. These mysteries are within us and waiting to be set free.

Things to Consider

Swan may be present to help you become aware of jealousy, insecurity and self-doubt. Watch out for unnecessary quarreling, unfounded fears or petty bickering. Sometimes, she can symbolize mourning or lost love, separation from a loved one, end of a relationship or significant change. Swan is also sacred to the sun god, Apollo who reigned over music. It is said that swan has the most beautiful singing voice of all birds as very few have heard it. It is said that she will sing a sweet and beautiful song when someone passes on.

The Swam Spirit Animal Affirmation

“I love and accept myself unconditionally as I am in this moment.

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