Cat Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Cat Spirit Animal

The cat totem wisdom tells us about timing in action and courage to explore the unknown. Those who have the cat as spirit animal may be encouraged to develop balance between independence and time of togetherness. Harmonious relationships between light and dark, action and observation are also attributes of cat spirit. Let’s follow this spirit animal and embark on a profound journey of self discovery.

Cat Symbolism

The cat carries many meanings revolving around the balance between seemingly opposites, such as inner and outer, action and rest, light and dark. It’s strongly symbolic of the connection with what usually hides in darkness or the unknown. The cat generally represents:

  • Patience, waiting for the right moment to act
  • Independence, yet enjoying social connections
  • Spirit of adventure, courage
  • Deep, relaxed connection with self
  • Healing from the inside out
  • Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious

Let’s remember that the cat as we know it today mostly as a domestic animal was not a common animal for the American Indians. It was introduced by the European settlers and therefore is not part of the original totemic traditions. Nevertheless, cat symbolism has pervaded many ancient and modern cultures around the world. One of the most well-known is the worship of the cat in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, the cat is often part of our ordinary life and an inspiring animal totem for many of us.

“Cats, as you know, are quite impervious to threats.”

~ Connie Willis

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Cats and exploration of the unknown

Cats tend to be active at night and are able to see in the dark thanks to their highly adaptable eyes. Because they can be seen roaming around at night, they are associated in several cultures with the realm of the darkness. By extension, the cat has been considered as a symbol or representative of witchcraft and dark magic arts, especially if its color is black!

Another way to see the meaning of the cat as a spirit animal or totem is to pay attention to its ability to see in the dark and be at ease when most other animals and humans are not. If the cat shows up in your life as a spirit guide or you have this animal as totem, you may be inclined to start exploring areas in your life or aspects or yourself that you do not know well yet.

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Cat totem wisdom: Acting when the time is right

The cat spirit animal is a good helper for those who need to find the courage to tackle lingering problems or concerns. The cat is known for being a great hunter using not just force, but a refined sense of timing in the moment of the attack. It seems to follow its prey and be able to patiently wait and position itself until it catches it.

By affinity with this feline, those who have the cat as a spirit animal may be able to tackle issues with patience, confidence, and a good sense of timing in their actions. The wisdom of the cat totem lies in the ability to remain quiet, observe, and then act when the time is right, so you’re better positioned to reach your goal and preserve your energy even in moments of tension and action.

Cat Spirit Animal

Attributes of the cat spirit animal: Agility and flexibility

When we observe cats, we see that they are characterized by the flexibility and agility. No matter the circumstances, it will always manage to fall back on its feet. By affinity with the cat totem, you may be encouraged to develop your flexibility at many different levels, whether it is in your physical body, mind, emotions, or spirit.

The cat totem is a source of inspiration to renew your perspective and have the courage to act or integrate it into your life. If the cat spirit animal shows up in your life, it may be time to explore new ways to look at things.

The cat totem: A call for independence

The cat is emblematic of a lifestyle that combines times of fierce independence and moments that are more social and cuddly. Being inspired by the cat’s spirit, you may foster the balance between your personal need for freedom and time alone with the company of others and social activities.

You may be called to bring more balance between your social life, whether it’s in your family, work or school, and time alone. The cat spirit animal could also encourage you to find a way of exploring your inner truths, as well as mystical truths, without sacrificing the connections you have with the rest of your environment.

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258 Responses to Cat Spirit Animal

  • skye
    we have just had a strange in counter with a grey cat it flowed us all the way home from the other side of town and then it sat at the window staring at us also on the way home it nearly got hit by a car twice, does this mean anything as this night has just felt creepy someone give us advice.
  • Ness
    Hoping someone can help recently something very strange happend to my family about three weeks ago my sister stopped by to pick up my daughter when she opened the door a black cat ran in the house out of know where and I have never seen this cat before not even in the neighbourhood I posted to see if anyone had lost a beautiful black cat she looks like a mini black panther with very shiny and silky fur she is beautiful she ran right in my home into the kitchen and we have looked for her owners and nothing. She made herself at home as if she belonged here and that she was always ours always we have let her outside multiple times and she never leave the second the door opens she runs back in the house she doesnt even leave the front porch and she wants out but doesnt go anywhere it was like she appeared out of thin air it's the strangest thing not to mention I have dogs and other cats but none of that phases her she basically just stayed she is so friendly and is now a part of our family her choice we named her Mystique and she has responded to that name since the very first time we said it. It's like we have had her forever she is full grown and has gold eyes and is so affectionate. You would think like any new pet a person gets their a bit skidish for the first few days until they adjust to their new surrounding not her she walks around like she owns the place and has since she ran in the door could anyone help me understand what this could mean or if anyone has experienced something similar I have never seen anything like it she loves us all but stays close to my 13 year old it's so weird Would appreciate any feedback thank you
    • Ringbearer
      Cats see and feel things we don't. Completely black cats seem to see and feel even more. From a few personal experiences with the black cat (male) we adopted a few years ago, I can tell ypu he (or in your case she) knows when a person goes through a rough time. Being it emotional or physically. They tend to stick with you more when you feel "challenged" and once you accept and understand they do. They even seem to share positive energy with you. Don't ask why, thank they are here. As guardians of weakend beings they can help one get through whatever they are in at the moment.
  • jesse
    Something wierd and random happen tonightaround 12am. I was watching tv and decided to get up and look outside my window and spot a cat in the middle of the road. My blinds were closed, and I only open one indivual blind to see ouside btw,so I wanted to watch the cat in its own nature, but the cat actually spotted me without looking my direction. At night the cat look like a darker shadow in the dark, but i could see the body direction. It made its way to my drive way where my portch light is on and i watch it come strolling clser to my window. I closed the one blind for a few secs and opened it again and the cat was staring right at me in a sit position. I smiled and got excited and turned the light on to chamge to see if i can meet the cat in the garage but after i looked outside it wasnt there. How did it spot me so fast and look me straight in my eyes? I felt it was a normal cat thing to do. It like checked me that I see you. Anyone have any thoughts about this.
  • Ali
    Please help, I was driving to pick someone up I was late and worried because it was dark. I was on a two lane road there was a car parked on the road,like they ran in the house. Then of a sudden this black and white cat jump from the bushes and right in front of my car, I couldn't swerve because of the park car and the person behind me was riding my bumper. That has never happen to me,this cat came from no where. I cried and asked for forgiveness. Im a Pisces so i feel everything. This is really bothering me.What dose this mean.
  • Yvette Gedwellas
    Friday 13th story my husband and I leave to run do a few Errands we leave and only a few feet away out of nowhere here comes the most beautiful black cat I've ever seen the thing is where the cat was is nothing but offices no housing where it could possibly has come from my husband usually when he sees any animal is him who says hi and pets them me I'm always careful and unless I know the animal I won't be like my husband I won't approached estrange animals so the cat when to my husband first because he said hi to it but I saw it was coming to me but the cat was polite then without any prompting she whent crazy and rubbed against my legs as she knew me and hadn't seen me all day but never to that point look at me straight up for some reason I felt very inclined to go down and pet her just as affectionate as this estrange and beautiful cat was being to me as I pet her I knew without checking she was a girl but I also felt every single rib on her as pet her she looked straight up at me then her eyes and I still can't put into words what I felt never I have I seen a cat such as these with such eyes and I have seen my share of cats she lay across my shoes and my husband and I decided to feed her as her beautiful coat hid how emaciated this gorgeous animal really was and unless you pet her you wouldn't know so I stay while my husband when to the store and got the can of food we open the can and put well away so she won't be bothered the minute that can was opened the cat lower it's head and proceeded to eat so my husband and i did our errands and said to each other that if the cat shows up the next day well feed it well it took us running our errands almost a whole our we have left the cat eating and as we passed the spot where she was was still eating the can was wiped clean and not once did she raised her head to even gazed at us the next day the can was wiped clean I have checked in case I see her and feed her but like I say in the start there's no housing from where this animal could have come from nearby and I don't know where could she have come from but I will be checking for this cat every day but so far just like one minute she was there and the next she's not I'm just glad I fed her and was able to do right for such a deserving animal
  • lisa
    a medium said my totem was a cat but to look into a certain cat a siamese what does this mean?
  • lisa
    a medium told me my totem is a cat and then said a certain cat siamese cat .. i cant really find anything on totem on siamese so what does this mean
  • Hana
    It's strange, because I've always had cats wander about for no apparent reason in my dreams. Much of the time, they serve no purpose, but other times they come up to me and run off, and I result into following them to somewhere supposedly important. But outside of my dreams, I still see cats strangely appearing. I had a gray tabby cat reside right beside my house for years, and whenever I would leave and take a stroll in the park, the same cat would end up walking nearby. And more recently, once I moved from the house, another gray tabby would jump the fence every day and nap next to the house, or next to my other cat's grave. (She was, similarly, a gray tabby, though she had long hair instead of short. I don't know what kind of attraction gray cats in particular seem to have to me... it's weird.)
    • Denver
      That's really thnnkiig at a high level
  • Philippe
    My angel guides often sent me cats in my imagination, or make me hear some purring. I thought that it was only for fun until i read this, I really fit in the description of a person with a cat animal totem
  • Amanda Northrup
    Just recently iv had a black cat appear at my house and won't go away. I hear it mostly at night crying outside my window very loud to be 2nd floor and I think that I hear it trying to break into my room through my window what does this mean? Is it a bad thing?
    • Jampy
      Maybe he or she is trying to come into your life, perhaps to teach you or join you in your journey. That's how my cat Kiki came to me, she was a cub about 2 weeks old when her family got lost near my house and she strayed behind ultimately finding her way to my window. I live on the first floor. So as I heard her cry for help or her mother I simply adopted her. At first we were both kinda like scanning each other until we became like a family. She is my tottem, teacher and companion and I love her.
    • Glenda Whitehead
      If you haven't been feeding him the reason it want to come in,it saw a spiritual entity enter in to your apartment.yes,they see spirits of people whether they are dead or alive.during that time did something change in your life?
  • tish
    Cats are guardians of the underworld keep all the bad spirits out and away pay very close attention to there actions and ect .. And who there guarding and may seem to be keeping out, ever notice them going from one place to another as there scaring something away and than back to protecting and guarding you or another in particular?
  • Britt
    I dreamed of a cat so small it was more like the size of a mole. I picked up this little kitten and nursed it back to health. I noticed that it was dwarfed even by a munchkin cat. I finally realized that this little cat represented my confidence. I also remembered that somebody pointed out that as far as cats are concerned, size doesn't matter. Munchkin, Tabby, or Main Coon, or even my little mole cat, they all were too worried about doing the things they had to do to worry about the size. I learned something from that dream. No matter what the size, confidence is still confidence.
  • Mystery cats
    Okay so, I've had many encounters with this phenomenon. I've always had a spiritual tendency but have steadily come to terms with it in the last three years. To my understanding, based on life experiences, I've found that cats symbolise where you are in the energetic spectrum. I used to masturbate a lot and of course, when you do it in excess it brings consequences such as draining your creative energy and your adaptability to your environment. During my process of giving up masturbation, in order to raise my frequency, I've seen black cats which almost telepathically gave me a sign that where I am (spiritually speaking) is nowhere too safe, albeit I've always asked for angelic protection. So as time went by and I ceased masturbating I'd see cats that had whiter fur making themselves present to let me know my energy is raising and I should keep going. This time around, I am in a very long streak and a few days ago as I was driving to work I saw a completely white cat by the sidewalk blocked by cars walking fast-paced. And that was the ultimate sign for me to do a bit research to see if this has happened to more people. After all, I have started to see the benefits of keeping my life-force energy inside of me and transmuting it into productive things. Now things seem to go my way and opportunities have started to spring up out of the blue which is quite impressive. I cannot wait to see how this will help me bring my life purpose to pass. But what I do want to know is whether I have any sort of affinity with animals. I took the quiz and I got an owl and the description was fairly accurate but I'm intrigued about the cats. Could anyone give any insights? Peace and Love.
    • Dragon
      What i do not realize is in fact how you are no longer really considerably a lot more smrlaty-favored than you may be correct now. You might be so intelligent. You recognize thus considerably in the case of this topic, produced me personally consider it from numerous various angles. Its like males and women don’t appear to be fascinated until it’s something to do with Woman gaga! Your private stuffs nice. At all times preserve it up!
    • Sue
      I got the Owl too, which seems accurate but I have had very interesting, life changing, spiritual & strange interactions w/ cats over the years. I don't think I've ever even seen an Owl in my life.
  • Penelope
    I often see cats that are not there. Most of the time they are either black or white. Always solidbin color. They run both toward and away, it varies.
  • Anonymous
    Cool cats love me so I'm happy I got a cat as my spirit animal ??????

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