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Horse Spirit Animal

Horse Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

The horse spirit animal symbolizes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. Among all the spirit animals, it is one that shows a strong motivation that carries one through life. The meaning of the horse varies depending on whether this animal spirit guide is represented as wild, tamed, moving freely or constrained.

Horse Meaning

Horses generally represent:

  • A driving force, what you thrive for or carries you in life
  • A secondary meaning for the horse spirit animal is the balance between instinctive and tamed part of your personality.
  • Sexual energy, especially – but not limited to – masculine energy
  • Strong emotions, passionate desires

A comprehensive presentation of the horse spirit animal takes into account different ways to look at this animal’s symbolism, showing positive and negative meanings, so you can decide which one resonates the most with you.

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The horse spirit animal, symbol of the appetite for life

Horse spirit animals are likely to represent your inner strength and driving force in life. A typical symbolism for the horse is one of an animal representing physical strength, vitality, but also our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life.

Depending on what this spirit animal means to you, it could symbolize your ability to overcome obstacles in life and pursue your goal no matter what may stand on your way.

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.”

~ Alice Walker

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Horse spirit animals, symbols for freedom of expression

Having a horse as a spirit animal points to how free you feel to express yourself in life. The horse is an animal that is domesticated by humans, but maintains a strong energy and drive of its own. As a power animal, it relates to your ability to express yourself freely and assertively in social environments such as work or school, or in closer circles of family and friends.

When reflecting on your spirit animal, if you see the horse running wild, it could be worth reflection on positive and negative meanings. On the positive side, a horse running free is a sign that your drive to be free and express yourself freely is strong and alive. On the negative side, a horse running wild could symbolize a part of your personality or emotions that are hard to manage and are running your life instead of you running it.

Horse spirit animals present life energy

According to psychologist Carl Jung, horses symbolize natural forces mastered by human beings. Just like we harness a horse to ride it or use its power, we can harness our own energy or nature’s to serve us and bring us further.

Horse Spirit Animal

A horse spirit animal, especially when it appears to you in a dream, is likely to represent your energy or drive to express your authentic self and succeed in life. This spirit animal could also be a reflection of how well you deal with your primitive desires and urges, whether you live with them in harmony or if they are difficult to control.

In addition to a common animal totem meaning that sees horses as symbols for sex and sexuality, riding a horse may also represent how we control the driving forces in our life. This could include sexuality, but also creativity, survival drive, or the energy spent providing for oneself or a family.

The dark side of horse spirit animals

If you see your horse spirit animal constrained in stable or that cannot move easily, you are likely to have to cope with limitations imposed in your own life upon the authentic expression of yourself or strains put on your vitality.

Perhaps the horse is tied up or confined in a cage. Such representation of your spirit animal suggests that you need to check what is limiting you in your life. The animal could symbolize your energy and drive in life as it’s being prevented from flowing freely and easily by attachments to people, places or responsibilities you’ve taken on.

This representation of your power animal could indicate you where to look to find the roots of these limitations. They could be related to an external influence such as a relationship partner, someone or a responsibility job or family-related; an internal influence such as limiting beliefs or feelings; or a choice you’ve made that is hard to sustain or realize.

Horse spirit animals: Symbols of sexuality

The horse is a strong symbol for sexual expression. This is particularly true in dreams. Horses are symbols for sex according to Freud’s perspective on dream analysis. Depending on the dream scenario, the horse could represent repressed or flourishing sexual energy.

If you’re dreaming of riding a horse and moving harmoniously with the animal, the dream is likely expressing strong erotic desires in a positive way. If the horse is getting out of control, your erotic desires or the ones of somebody else in your life may feel overwhelming or need to be expressed more carefully. If the horse is strongly attached or in reins, look at what is holding you back on how you express your sexuality.

Dream interpretation: Horse in bad dreams

If your horse spirit animal appears to you in a bad dream as a weak or suffering animal, it could characterize a mental or emotional state you experience in your waking life. If the horse is mistreated or suffers in the dream, your animal spirit guide could warn you to take your needs seriously before you’re going deep in trouble.

Such an image is likely a call to consider what supports you and brings your energy and joy in life as opposed to confining yourself into limiting beliefs or other people’s expectations. For instance, look at constructive ways to support others while taking into account your own needs.

More dream interpretations of horse spirit animals

Black horse totem

A black horse in a dream could represent a part of the shadow self or a part of your personality that you usually prefer to keep hidden; instinctual urges operating in the dark recess of your mind; the unknown, what is mysterious.

White horse totem

White is associated with elevating your mood or spiritual aspirations; the white horse is a symbol for developing awareness of your instincts and intuition.

Dreaming you’re betting on a horse

Dreaming of placing a bet on a horse suggests that you’re currently taking risks in your life and warns you about whether you think you’re likely to succeed. The horse spirit animal could symbolize business-related matters or romantic and sexual aspects of a relationship.

The dream could signal that you need to weigh pros and cons of a situation or relationship that looks uncertain or risky. Is your horse winning or losing in the race? The outcome may reflect how you feel regarding your relationship, especially as it relates to sexuality.

Seeing a horseshoe in your dream

Horseshoes are symbols of chance; they are considered as lucky charms in a lot of cultures and could be a sign that luck is on its way in resolving matters regarding personal health, relationship and possibly business.

Dreaming about a talking horse

A horse who talks in your dream could be a manifestation of your animal spirit guide bringing you a message from your instinctive self or your unconscious.

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  1. Venetia Graves January 8, 2019 at 7:59 pm - Reply

    I dreamed that I inherited a white horse and lots of beautiful green land. I was introduced to the horse by my great grandma that I’ve never met. Then she told me to look over the beautiful green land because it was mine. Left me feeling peaceful and happy.

  2. Diane Perry January 4, 2019 at 11:44 pm - Reply

    My Palomino this week lost the love of his life Hannah she was only 13 years old but in both front knees came down with Osteoarthritis. Hannah battle with this since 2013 and no matter what became lame and to the point to where she she could just tip toe on her hoofs. Sadly on Jan. 2 we had to euthanized Hannah but Koda was right there by her side and boy did he cry. So now I take Koda twice a day to visit her grave and he knows right where she is buried but my question to you is can he dream of her Koda looks like when he us laying down that he has some type of dreaming going on? His legs start moving then his head then suddenly he sits up f oh r a minute looks around then he will lay back down. So I was wandering if horses dream of there loved ones. Koda loved Hannah dearly when she passed I scooped up some of her urine that came out her just so he could have the scent of her for awhile. But now every night he glares in her stall from his stall they had connecting windows. I have security cameras in each stall which i watch from my room and you know a strange thing on the canera it showed I had movement in her stall! KODA AND HANNAH WERE ALWAYS TOGETHER THEY WERE TWO HORSES TRULY THAT LOVED EACHED TO THE END. I HAVE PICTURES OF THEM KISSING EACH OTHER GOODBYE. MY VET. SAID IT WAS ONE OF THE SADDEST GOODBYES HE HAD SEEN IN A LONG TIME. BUT IF YOU COULD ANSWER MY QUESTION ON HIS DREAMING?

  3. Gina December 11, 2018 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    I’ve had a re pleated dream of me horse jumping at a high level abroad on a horse half of it ginger in the frount and the back white with ginger spots

  4. patricia October 23, 2018 at 11:59 am - Reply

    Woke up Saturday morning an could swear I heard a horse. Seen nothing just the sound like it got spooked or was or just letting me know it was there. When I turned over in bed my daughter was creeping into my room to get my cell phone . The sound did not scare her but she heard it . Any input??

  5. Anonymous September 3, 2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    I was not alone, my son noticed the three very beautiful & majestic, larger than normal horses. This was several years ago, while driving near Red Rock Road. I asked him to back up and I got out of the car to take a photo. I wish I could explain how beautiful the entire setting was. There was mountains in the back drop a slight snow flurry falling, a mist and a few rays of golden sunlight breaking through the clouds. My eyes begin to burn as I attempted to take the photo. I shot the picture, I got into the car my eyes were watery from the burning sensation I felt. We looked back the horses were gone almost like they disappeared. I look at the photo and nothing was there of the horses just the backdrop of the mountains. My auntie says they were sacred horses and didn’t want those photo taken. It’s just something my son & I will never forget.

  6. Teresa Myers August 30, 2018 at 12:09 pm - Reply

    I had a dream that a black horses head was in my face staring at me in my eyes. Like right in my face. I never had a dream about a horse.

  7. Anastasia August 12, 2018 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    The dream I had was about wounded horses. A pastor at my church came to retieve a Christmas tree at my house that was still up in August. I was feeling funny because it was August. But then a dark brown horse walked in the house and he was wounded…looked as if he was shot in the back ( a very small whole was in his back but it was definitely bleeding) I didn’t know what to do so I asked my husband to remove him from house. The pastor then said ” oh yeah the man did say he was getting rid if some horses. Right after she said that another wounded horse same as before we in the house but this one’s stomach was exposed on inside, maybe a baby was in there but unsure and as the first I asked my husband to remove the horse from the house. My pastor again says oh yeah theam said he was getting rid of some horses. Can anyone help me with this dream. I have never ever dreamed of horse, as my spirit animal is a deer.

  8. Gina August 8, 2018 at 10:22 pm - Reply

    I had a dream that I was in a school multipurpose room (cafeteria/gym/auditorium). I was sitting in a wheelchair(never needed one) facing a man in a suit talking towards the audience from which I was apart of when a beautiful hazel, white, and black spotted pinto horse walked in from off the right of the room and stood behind the man speaking at the podium. What he said sounded like blah, blah, blah and noone in the room could see her but me. She made eye contact with me then came over slowly, bowed her head in front of me, and placed her forehead to my forehead. She let me raise my hands to smooth her fur on her warm cheeks and brush her beautiful mane with my fingers while not moving her head from my head. Her long eyelashes tickled my face. She never spoke but from my interpretation she was asking me if I was ready to go. I told her that I still had a lot to do. She then motioned that she would stay with me until I was ready. I mentioned this dream to a friend and she was in tears. What could this dream mean?

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