Hawk Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, SpiritAnimal.info Editor

Hawk Spirit Animal

When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.

Hawk Totem Meaning

The hawk spirit animal or totem has several attributes and meanings:

  • Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world
  • Use the power of focus
  • Take the lead when the time is right
  • Power to see, clear vision
  • Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness

Hawk spirit animals belong to the realm of bird medicine. It carries the symbolism that comes with the ability to fly and reach the skies.

The hawk spirit animal as the messenger

The hawk can soar high and reach the heavens effortlessly. As most bird totems, this power animal is often considered as a messenger who brings messages from the spirit world and the unseen.

If you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may be inclined to play with divination tools and use your intuition to guide your steps in life. Working with the hawk totem could reinforce your ability to rely this type of guidance.

When the hawk shows up in your life, be sensitive to the messages it may carry and be receptive to your own intuition.

Main meaning of hawk totems and the power of focus

Hawk spirit animals invite us to be focused in our daily undertakings. When you feel the presence of the hawk totem, avoid distractions and focus on the task at hand.

At the same time, hawks can soar and fly high in the sky. This animal has the power to provide support in gaining a higher level perspective on any issue or project you undertake. When the hawk appears in your life, it’s perhaps time to be less distracted by the details and focus on the higher perspective. Relying on the hawk power, you can see what’s ahead clearly and defy any obstacles that may be on your way. A specific way the hawk guidance works is to use a high level and yet clear and focused vision to guide your action.

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Hawk Spirit Animal

Hawk spirit animals and taking the lead when the time is right

The hawk is also a bird of prey. Having this animal as a spirit guide emphasizes your ability to lead and influence others. When the hawk is present in your life, it could signify that it’s time to take more initiative and being active.

Hawks symbolize the power of observation. This spirit animal’s guidance may also indicate that you have the opportunity to study a situation before taking action. Observe the situation and then act when the time is right.

Hawk spirit animal and power to see

The hawk spirit animal is associated with the power of vision. If you have the hawk as a totem, you have or are developing the ability to see clearly and have strong visions. Perhaps, you even use clairvoyant skills to support your goals in life and communication with others.

Just like the hawk can see in great detail at great distances, you maybe able to perceive what others do not. You may have an affinity with piercing life great mysteries and divination in one form or another.

The hawk and connection with the spiritual realms

When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have a natural inclination to receive visions, either in dreams or awake. Your extra sensory abilities and intuition are supported by the power of this animal.

The hawk totem is strongly connected to the spiritual realms. When it shows up in your life, you may be called to pay attention and experience rapid spiritual development. As you develop your relationship with your totem, you may be inspired to feel your connection with spirit more fully.

Hawk symbolism in ancient traditions

In numerous traditions, the hawk has a strong relationship with the world of the gods. Some of this symbolism has persisted in modern mythology and beliefs. In Ancient Egypt, the belief was that a hawk-headed spirit called “ba” would fly off a mummy to come back among the living as a hawk or swallow. The hawk symbolized a part of the soul that would be freed up after death and come back to the world of the living in the shape of a bird. It was also the animal of choice for the god Horus, god of the sky, who was represented with a hieroglyph depicting a falcon or hawk.

The popular belief in more modern times that birds like hawks or owls are announcer of death may be rooted in this myth. For the Greeks, the hawk and the eagle were associated with the god Jupiter, king of the gods. The bird is strongly connected with the realm of the gods.

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473 Responses to Hawk Spirit Animal

  • SMW

    I believe the hawk has been my spirit guide for a while now. I always notice them around when driving and in meditation. Tonight, after a family feud, two hawks were present on my drive home. The first was facing me and no more that 50 feet further down the road, the hawk was facing the direction I was traveling. What’s the meaning of this?

  • Armand

    I keep having these dreams about a hawk flying in the sky and later on my shoulder.  I feel the claw on shoulder.  I am trying to meditate on what it could me.  It feels right, I feel grounded and the world about me has slowed down considerably.  I feel special in some way, fortunate for sure to have the honor of these dreams.  This is not the first time that the hawk rests on my shoulder.  I wish I knew more of what it personally means to me.  I have sensed a message but not available to me yet.  maybe I am trying too hard.  Peace be with all.

  • Valentine

    So I have been seeing hawks frequently for awhile now. Some days/weeks it seems to happen more often. I was telling a friend about it last night. My mother’s maiden name is Hawk and so I kind of always took it as a sign that my grandpa or a guardian angel was watching out for me; especially because I would always see them before I went on a long trip. Okay so about an hour ago, I was about to step out into my fenced in area of my yard and sitting atop the large umbrella was a ginormous hawk just staring at me. I was able to get one not so good picture of it before it flew over the fence. I thought what are the chances of that. I feel it’s definitely a strong sign. Perhaps change is afoot. Hawks are definitely a spirit animal for me.

  • Adam

    A little while ago I was hanging out around a park and a hawk flew down a good 5 feet in front of me and then left. A few days later I was riding my bike and I saw a hawk staring at me in a tree, and about 5 minuets ago I was sitting on my porch with my dog and a hawk flew over and sat on my roof. Other than the fact that I have lots of hawks in my area, what does this mean?

  • Frankie

    I just dreamt of a very large hawk sitting on my shoulder as if it were my companion ,or guiding me & I was in a rock climbing situation . I think I was in a descending direction very accurate and directed it seemend but felt peaceful and safe . I had cables & ropes & appeared to be in control and knew what I was doing . It was daylight and it felt very powerful . It felt like the hawk & I were very close & bonded in the dream i had the sense of safety & power in a trusted way .
    What could this mean . I think this is my first dream of a hawk and this felt very real and the hawk was massive and beautiful .

    • Armand

      Frankie, I too have dreams of a beautiful hawk on my shoulder.  I want to believe that it means “I am with you everything is going to be ok.”  Certainly the feeling of security rings true for me as well.  I just posted my dream and read about your dream and the similarities of having a hawk on our shoulder.  I too search for a deeper and more detailed message.  I hope there is a wise person reading these messages that is called to enlighten us. 
      Peace be with you,

  • Lee

    Today a hawk flew and hit my front door and set on my porch also it flew and hit the window in the room I was sitting in. What does that mean?

  • Stacey Clark

    Two days in a row I’ve seen a hawk in different parts of town.. I have always dreampt of flying and consider myself soon to be on a new start again.. I believe in this bird

  • Sam Clendion

    I saw hawk today I sitting on my back porch suddenly out nowhere the hawk was chasing a black bird but did not catch it.it flew to the roof of the car and look at me and the family dog for about 1 minute and flew off.is their any meaning to this ?

  • Johnny

    I was driving down my drive way to run some errands,when all of a sudden a red tailed hawk swooped down in front of my car. I almost ran it over but quickly swirved to avoid hitting it. What does that mean?

    • Denise

      Today I was driving to past a pond on my way to work and a hawk with a fish in it’s talons flew right in front of my windshield. I saw it coming and slowed down, otherwise I would have hit him. A few drops of water from the fish fell on my windshield. Not sure what this means, but it was beautiful.

  • Nicole

    I just saw a hawk that was swaying on a power line. I stopped to looked at it and one wing was dangling and the hawk was screeching, behaving as though it was injured. It didn’t move until I drove away, it spread its wings and soared off.
    What type of message is that?

  • Tifany

    I have one that fallows me around at work. Samfore one on the farm I set 15ft from me and watch me work for 30 to 45a minutes. What does it mean?

    • Shan

      Seems like they want to communicate with you. 🙂 Maybe it is your power animal for this period in your life. Maybe they are a sign to start integrating some of the things (symbolic meanings) from this article into your life.

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