Hawk Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, SpiritAnimal.info Editor

hawk totem

When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have an inclination towards using the power of vision and intuition in your daily life. The hawk totem provides wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. It’s a good companion to develop spiritual awareness.

Hawk Totem Meaning

The hawk spirit animal or totem has several attributes and meanings:

  • Hawk is the messenger of the spirit world
  • Use the power of focus
  • Take the lead when the time is right
  • Power to see, clear vision
  • Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness

Hawk spirit animals belong to the realm of bird medicine. It carries the symbolism that comes with the ability to fly and reach the skies.

The hawk spirit animal as the messenger

The hawk can soar high and reach the heavens effortlessly. As most bird totems, this power animal is often considered as a messenger who brings messages from the spirit world and the unseen.

If you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may be inclined to play with divination tools and use your intuition to guide your steps in life. Working with the hawk totem could reinforce your ability to rely this type of guidance.

When the hawk shows up in your life, be sensitive to the messages it may carry and be receptive to your own intuition.

Main meaning of hawk totems and the power of focus

Hawk spirit animals invite us to be focused in our daily undertakings. When you feel the presence of the hawk totem, avoid distractions and focus on the task at hand.

At the same time, hawks can soar and fly high in the sky. This animal has the power to provide support in gaining a higher level perspective on any issue or project you undertake. When the hawk appears in your life, it’s perhaps time to be less distracted by the details and focus on the higher perspective. Relying on the hawk power, you can see what’s ahead clearly and defy any obstacles that may be on your way. A specific way the hawk guidance works is to use a high level and yet clear and focused vision to guide your action.

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Hawk spirit animals and taking the lead when the time is right

The hawk is also a bird of prey. Having this animal as a spirit guide emphasizes your ability to lead and influence others. When the hawk is present in your life, it could signify that it’s time to take more initiative and being active.

Hawks symbolize the power of observation. This spirit animal’s guidance may also indicate that you have the opportunity to study a situation before taking action. Observe the situation and then act when the time is right.

Hawk spirit animal and power to see

The hawk spirit animal is associated with the power of vision. If you have the hawk as a totem, you have or are developing the ability to see clearly and have strong visions. Perhaps, you even use clairvoyant skills to support your goals in life and communication with others.

Just like the hawk can see in great detail at great distances, you maybe able to perceive what others do not. You may have an affinity with piercing life great mysteries and divination in one form or another.

The hawk and connection with the spiritual realms

When you have the hawk as a spirit animal, you may have a natural inclination to receive visions, either in dreams or awake. Your extra sensory abilities and intuition are supported by the power of this animal.

The hawk totem is strongly connected to the spiritual realms. When it shows up in your life, you may be called to pay attention and experience rapid spiritual development. As you develop your relationship with your totem, you may be inspired to feel your connection with spirit more fully.

Hawk symbolism in ancient traditions

In numerous traditions, the hawk has a strong relationship with the world of the gods. Some of this symbolism has persisted in modern mythology and beliefs. In Ancient Egypt, the belief was that a hawk-headed spirit called “ba” would fly off a mummy to come back among the living as a hawk or swallow. The hawk symbolized a part of the soul that would be freed up after death and come back to the world of the living in the shape of a bird. It was also the animal of choice for the god Horus, god of the sky, who was represented with a hieroglyph depicting a falcon or hawk.

The popular belief in more modern times that birds like hawks or owls are announcer of death may be rooted in this myth. For the Greeks, the hawk and the eagle were associated with the god Jupiter, king of the gods. The bird is strongly connected with the realm of the gods.

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455 Responses to Hawk Spirit Animal

  • MsUnderstood

    I went into deep chakra meditation today and a hawk was my guide. It was like I was a hawk being guided by a hawk. I was wondering why questions were coming to me out of no where, guiding me as I glided over the trees and connected with the universe. It must be that I have a hawk spirit animal. I went through a journey through all chakras as the hawk had me fly above the trees, in the breeze and then go under the trees into darkness, where a lot of negative energy was…and the hawk had me walk through it, face it and then soar above it…back above the treetops and then it was time to rest so I was lead to the very top of a tree where I learned that just as a tree is strong in it’s roots, so am I strong as the hawk, with claws that grip the branches and give support with ease. Then I was told to be myself in that treetop. So I transformed into myself. I got even more connected with the universe and then was told to climb down to the ground and join other humans. I found myself seeing people in ways I never did before. I found myself transformed and content and at peace with others. That is how my meditation ended and came out so enlightened. I completely opened myself up to what the hawk was teaching me and helping me get through. It was amazing! I feel, for the first time in my life, that I truly have a place in this world. Is it common for a spirit animal to appear in and guide one through meditation?

  • Sandy

    Within the last year, I began noticing hawks on my way to work. They would be in light posts, road signs, dences, etc. That started me wondering if this was not my spirit animal. During the time in was seeing them, I was doing a lot of meditation, and strengthening my chakras but now that I’ve gotten away from that, I haven’t seen the hawks as often. Reading this article has me convince there was some kind of connection with everything I was doing and the hawks I was seeing.

  • Katie

    I have been seeing hawks everywhere for the past couple of months now. Even more recently anytime they cross my path they land and start squawking. Also cardinals and crows keep flying by me unlike ever before. I keep trying to determine what this could mean, but I cannot figure it out.

  • Kelly arnold

    I saved a redtail hawk from an orange plastic snow fence a few years ago..I was coming off an exit from the highway, and notice something move under the fence that was laying down in one section.. I almost kept driving but my heart new I had to try to help this bird… when I first aprroched the bird he was trying to get away and was obviously frightened. . He soon calmed down, as I talked to him is as if he knew I was there to help him.  I melted the snow fence enough to free his head and wings from the holes in the fence . I tried to tear it but i was afraid i would hurt the bird . So i got the idea to to put my hand between the bird and snow fence and melt it enough to soften it so it came apart eaaily…never in my life had I felt such an amazing feeling when the bird flew away unharmed .. would this have any kind of meaning or message for me?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you

  • Riya

    Hi, would really appreciate some insight into this. For the past 6 months a hawk has been using the side wall by my balcony. It’s there through the day and night. In fact for the past month there has been a second hawk also. Whenever I went on the balcony in the night, the hawk would stare straight at me. For the past month however, if I go on the balcony during the day, the hawk has flown towards me, hit my forehead, then flown in a circle and back to the side wall. This has happened atleast four times. It’s always there and it no longer feels safe to go on the balcony. I don’t know if there is some connection but I have been in a karmic relationship which has caused a confusing mix of hurt and love at soul level. Yet we believe we have a soul connect. He has a dark side and is a manipulative person. The relationship has caused me to live in isolation and I have not been able to focus with work in any way. Things have come to a point where we will separate, although it is difficult because of our soul connect. The hawk definitely has some significance, I need to understand what it means.

    • Katherine

      Listen to yourself on the inside. You are loved, loving, and lovable. You have learned eveything you needed from this relationship and it is time to soar. Follow your heart not your fear. You are supported and protected from harm. Soar.

    • Sharon

      Is there a place where the hawk could have young ones near this balcony…sounds like it is protecting a nest.

    • Friend

      Have you heard of Eve Lorgen and the Reptilian “love bite”? I suggest you investigate this phenomenon.

      Hawk definitely seems to want your attention. What the message is exactly is for you to discover.

    • Nettie

      Strange Ryia, after my husband passed, I was dealing with the same kind of relationship you are. I would see Hawks at the strangest times. I believe they were signs from my late husband, telling me to pay attention to what this dark person is doing to you. Pay attention!

  • Johnnie

    I have encountered two hawks in two difference places and in two days. First was one morning in my old neighborhood. It was at a busy intersection and flew as low as my car. Landed on a power pole. The next day when I left work, which is 15 miles from where I saw the first one, same level of flight. The was at the side road of a busy airport.

  • Priscilla

    I am very connected with Hawks. Particularly,RTH. If anyone wants to discuss their experiences please send me a FB message. Put the word HAWK IN the message. My name is Priscilla Layman. 🙂

    • Alena

      Hi Priscilla, I recently moved into a new (older) apt and last week I saw this amazing bird look me right in the face and come to find out it was a hawk and then this morning I saw two! and it perched in the same location close to my door. I am amazed as to how large and beautiful they are.  What does this mean when you see this type of animal twice within a week and I believe it is a red tail hawk.


    • Kabir

      Dear Priscilla, Wel, plz tel me activities of hawk when he reach his lyf at 40-70

    • DALE

      I have been seeing a hawk that seems to be watching over me. It came back again yesterday for a short visit. I named it Zora because I had been reading about the life of Zora Neil Hurston.

  • Hawk

    my true name is hawk and i always wondered why, aside from my parents being odd, that was. maybe its because im native maybe its my spiritual animal. regardless on my way in to work this afternoon there was a small hawk on the street light above my car. i thought immediately of my fathers health, because he has been having problems with it. this concerns me. any ideas on the matter too set my mind at ease?

  • ab

    Hello….about a year ago i beging working on wood shop close to the beach. After three months i was sitting down eating lunch, when i look to the main front door. I saw big brown bird flaying tours me. The closer got to me the biggest it got. I got up flew over my head and stood on a corner staring at me for abot 10 seconds. Then the hawk flew around inside the shop over me, about three times. The wearest about this story my cow workers were sitting few feet from me and no one saw any thing. You might think im crazy but im been honest. Today December 21 i was ordering on lunch truck. When i look over my head 4 black hawks flying over me, about 5 minutes. I wish some one that really knows about this encounters can define my incidents. Thank yoy

    • Diana

      There are no such thing as a black hawk that’d be raven for your information. Plus the way you encountered them is interesting very unusual. As for you it seems that the hawks actually wanted to encounter with you. You may have a special thing for them in the future. I’m only a child so I don’t know if this is real or not.

  • Bill

    My Dad had gone into a nursing home one week before his passing. On the morning of his death the home called and told me I should come quickly as he was failing rapidly. I went out to my truck and opened the door when suddenly a red-tail hawk landed right in the middle of the truck hood and glanced at me for just a split second and disappeared. I have never seen a hawk land on a vehicle or that close to a person. I first thought is that this held meaning. On my way to the nursing home the nurse called again asking how far away I was as she did not think my Dad would last until I arrived. When I got to the home and went in his room there were 3 nurses with him One said “I’m sorry. He passed just 2 minutes ago.” That was exactly 15 minutes after I has encounter the hawk on my truck. I will always believe the hawk was a messenger.

    • Robert

      Thank you for sharing this powerful story. I would have also received it as a message.  I hope that it provided you with peace of mind, despite the time of your arrival.

    • Elaine

      That’s beautiful, I had a similar experience. My brother was dying from lung cancer. His last month was spent in the hospital. Everyday a red tail sat outside his window in our view. After his death, I constantly was seeing hawks. I believed it was a message. My brother was now watching over me from above. My Dad also was just placed in a nursing home, his dementia keeps getting worse, he’s never safe, nor is my mom. I hate it I cry about it a lot. I asked my brother if we did the right thing, could he send me a sign. I asked him to have a hawk land on my car. While visiting my Dad a hawk landed on a car near mine. I’ve never seen this! I even got pictures. It wasn’t my car, but close enough.I think he was telling me Dad will be ok, and we did the right thing. Ask your father to come to you again. If you keep asking and believe, you just may get that visit. So sorry for the loss of your Father. My deepest sympathies.

    • Karen

      My father also passed and I asked my Dad at the time of his passing to send me a sign to let me know he is all right. A few days later I was driving home from work and a hawk swooped down out of nowhere and was flying right at me and looking right into my eyes through the windshield. I braced myself as he came so close I thought that he was going to come right through my windshield and he then veered off over the roof of my car right before impact. I took this as a sign from my father that all was well.

      Does anyone else have an opinion on this occurance?

  • Anne

    About 13 years ago, I was walking over a bridge, over a stream, and I saw a hawk perched on the end of a fallen tree. I stopped, stared at it, then slowly made my way down, and was able to sit down next to it. Scared and excited at the same time, because I was waiting for it to fly or attack me, I just started calmly talking to it, about nothing in particular. At one point I sloy reached out and touched its tallons, and its yellow foot…yes, it let me do that. Confused, I thought it must be sick or from a sanctuary where it had been around people. So I put my sleeve over my forearm and held it in front of the feet (hindsight, if it would’ve stepped onto my arm, I’d of needed stitches!), but it just looked down at my arm. I withdrew my arm and just sat there with it for a good five minutes. Then suddenly, it took off in an instant, and disappeared into the forest. I have no idea if it means anything. From what I’ve read, and through a bird biolgy course, this is unheard of.

    • Sunshine

      That is so cool.

  • Falcon

    I always loved changing my name to a hawk name like falcon I know I know its a different kind of bird but I like it. I once saw 2 hawks Red Tail and I knew that by heart It was a male and female. I always try to understand hawks and why stuff happen to me and it’s all on purpose and I know it’s for a special reason a reason no one but me knows. I always wished to be a hawk and how it would be in their shoes. I’m very smart and hawks are to they attack weak or sick prey like me. But it’s already dead for my sake, I can’t eat things raw I’d get sick. I am very close to hawks, I’m different my friends all know I would be cat but in reality I’d rather be a hawk a red tail hawk.
    I love seeing everyone’s’ experience with hawks or dreams or somthing like that CONNECTIONS yea connections.

  • Jane

    I think we are all experiencing a lot of changes right now – and I had my first encounter with a hawk exactly a month ago – it brought down a bird in my garden.  I then saw it again twice later that day in my area just swooping around. It was incredible.  I knew it meant something and I found this site online.  Since then a lot of very interesting things have been happening personally, my intuition has gone through the roof (pay close attention to what people are saying to you and your own nudges and hunches) I have had a lot of challenges but I am meeting them all in perfect timing.  My confidence has raised and although we are all living in challenging times I know that hawk came along to wake me up a little.  I have never felt an affinity with Hawks before but I do now.  I never knew it was related to the spirit world.  I think they deliver the message or messages you need.  I was quite confused by it at first.  But in awe at it’s beauty.  Incredible.  Its good to read other peoples experiences.  Thank you.

  • Cynthia

    This is going to sound strange. I have no connection to the hawk or any other animal for that matter.  Today I was outside for a break from work. I was just glancing towards the Hualaipai mountains. (I live in Arizona) Literally out of no where, a hawk was flying above me. So close I could see the definition of his tail feathers. I then saw what looked like a starburst of light above the hawk. That second something caught my eye and I glanced away for a split second and looked back. The hawk was gone. I glanced away so fast there is no way its possible he flew away that fast. I’m baffled. For the sarcastic people, I’m totally sober. Any idea from anyone what that was about?

    • Laurette

      On my way home from my day, stopped in traffic, a hawk literally glazed right over my windshield.  It tickled me.  I don’t want to look into the loose writings of the meaning too much, but rather accept that there is a right and hopeful Spirit of Life here for us, close and a protector. 


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