Frog Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Frog Spirit Animal

The frog as spirit animal or totem reminds us of the transient nature of our lives. As symbol of transition and transformation, this spirit animal supports us in times of change. Strongly associated with the water element, it connects us with the world of emotions and feminine energies, as well as the process of cleansing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or more spiritual or energetic.

Frog Symbolism

The symbolism of the frog appears in many traditions around the globe. This animal is generally associated with the water element and its cleansing attributes. The frog is symbolic of:

  • Cleansing
  • Renewal, rebirth
  • Fertility, abundance
  • Transformation, metamorphosis
  • Life mysteries and ancient wisdom
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The frog totem, symbolic of cleansing

It is said that the frog is symbolic of the cleansing. You can call on the frog spirit to support you in clearing negativity and “toxic” energies. The frog being associated with water, it may be a good spirit animal to call for emotional release.

Perhaps it indicates you need to “detoxify and take care of your health differently. Or it encourages you to release your emotions or carefully at how you spend your energy in relationship to others or some matters of concern in your life.

Cleansing might also mean that the frog spirit animal inspires you to renew your perspective or vision. If the frog shows up in your life as a spirit guide, it may encourage you to clear old opinions and beliefs to adopt a new stance or perspective.

Frog Spirit Animal

The frog spirit animal and rebirth

The frog totem symbolizes the cycles of life, in particular the rebirth stage. Its own journey through life, from tadpole to the adult state, reminds us of the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our lives.

The symbolism of the frog as animal associated with birth and rebirth can be traced in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and other cultures from antiquity. The frog was a popular symbol for fertility, as well as rebirth or resurrection. For example, in the Ancient Egypt mythology, the frog was associated with resurrection; the Roman Venus, goddess of Love, was often depicted with a frog.

The frog, symbol of transformation

The frog is an amphibian and goes easily from water to earth during its life. By extension, it has been often revered as a symbol of transition. If you see the frog as your animal totem or spirit guide, you may be called to experience change in your life. Those changes might be with regards to how you lead your life and can also be of spiritual nature.

Call on the frog spirit animal to guide you through times of transition and help you smoothly go from one state to the next. It will support your transformation or metamorphosis in a subtle yet powerful way.

The frog spirit, mystery and magic

The ability to go from water to earth is characteristic of the frog. Those who have the frog as a spirit animal or totem might be inclined to walk between planes, whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional, and enjoy playing with the magic of life and nature.

This animal being active at night, it is often seen as the favorite animal of the arts of the dark and witchcraft. By extension, this totem animal is associated with life mysteries and familiarity with the unknown.

The frog totem and the affinity with the water element

In the Native American tradition, the frog is often seen as a rain maker. Many shamanic traditions call the frog in connection to the rain and to control the weather patterns.

Since the frog is strongly associated with the water where she spend a lot of her life, this spirit animal is also connected to moon energy and the moon goddess. The fact that it’s active at night reinforces this association. For those who feel an affinity with the frog as personal totem, you may be at ease with the world of intuition, feminine energies, and the magic of nature and the elements.

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198 Responses to Frog Spirit Animal

  • Ivan

    I meditated to find my spirit animal guide and it was a giant frog who told me she used to be me and also a warrior king or something. I’m currently trying to find my first ever job and getting on a exercise plan. Weird how life tells you stuff.
    Tons of love and good changes my frog encountered fellas. Peace.

    • Rena

      Thanks for your thhougts. It’s helped me a lot.

  • Ms.Pace

    I just want too really know what does it means about a baby frog in my car trunk, this has never happen to me, this is thereon time this is happening to me. Yes I’ve been going through somethings in my life, could it be My deceased cousin, son,grandmother telling me something? I’ve asked my mother what does it means, an she said it was a good thing an that someone is coming… I’m sooooo TRYING to do right!!!!!!! What does it means??????

  • Pops

    A strange thing just happened 00:50am, 26 October 2016.  A baby frog jumped into my bedroom from nowhere.  The room windows are closed.  I managed to catch it using an empty plastic bag. Holding the bag as it jumped everywhere, until I managed to get it into the bag and then opened my window and released it.
    Where it came from beats me.

    • Anonymous

      A baby frog is a tadpole, and those can’t jump, so i suggest looking for water entries (that includes small frogs)

    • Rob

      Same here… I was in the bathroom and there was a Frog on the sink counter. It was a Gold color. I grabbed him, turned the faucet on to re-moisten his skin (I figured he may be thirsty) and then took him outside.

  • Ricardo

    I was on a business trip overseas. After I came back once in my house unpacking I opened the door of the closet, wjhich I had left closed!, and found a big frog right in the middle of the closet. I have no idea where it came from!!! It just appeared there out of nowhere!! Can someone advise what could this mean?

  • vannessa

    all of a sudden this frog comes and sits on my porch every night….I don’t know where it comes from but every night it tis there and every morning it is gone. What does this mean. This has been going on for like the last 2-3 weeks

    • Dani Morena

      The Frog came a-calling me too just recently every night at 8.00 somewhere on my porch step (or was it a cricket?) but try as we might, Mow-Mow my cat and I, just could not see it. I thought it a frog as we had just a weeks of continual rain.  Loving symbolism, I saw it as a good sign of the dark days being over at long last.

  • Janet

    One day a frog jumped through the doorway of a cabin I had been living. I tried to catch him to get him back outside but he disappeared. I soon forgot about him. That nigbt I had probably one of the worst yet most surreal dream ever. I was lying face up on a table in a very dark, muggy, old environment. There were people standing around me looking down at me while chanting something. They were dressed in black and hoods. It seemed like some kind of practice was taking place. I refused to accept and fought during this whole dream. I kept telling myself i was protected and no one would ever have access to me. I abruptly woke and called a friend. Moments later I went to look out the window and there was the frog on the sill. The frog seriously looked like the life had been sucked out of him. He was shriveled all up and actually looked like he had passed quite some time ago. My friend had told me that her 8 year old son had woke her up about the same time I called and said she had to help me.

    The story is much deeper but anyway.. idk I feel like that frog came into the cabin that day to save me for what was to take place that night. Once again idk

    • Lakeisha

      I wonder if Obrslreaeameyourrecoads is run by homeland security as a method to "go under cover" and keep track of the potentially dangerous segment of the population known as birthers? Enough threats of governmental overthrow from the birther set that such an undercover operation could be considered worthwhile.

  • Latasha

    I forgot the one thing in my 42 year i had a little frog on my car never seen that before i wondering is that a sign for change for the better i hopeTH

    • Fe'Laun

      Wow I’m 42 and last week there was a frog on my car. I’d never seen that before either

      • L3

        Tonight I was sitting outside of my office smoking a cigarette and messing with my I pad.  I finished my cigarette and was getting up to leave and my lighter fell from my lap. It was dark out. I reached down to pick up my lighter. I felt it fall and heard it as well. After picking up my lighter and still looking down I noticed a dark spot on the ground. After noticing it, I almost felt as though I dropped it as well with my lighter and instinctively reached to pick it up. It was really squishy feeling and I brought it closer to my face to identify what it was. I noticed it was a frog and was startled and tossed it down in reaction. Completely surprised by what happen almost can’t believe it myself I crouched down to see if it really was true. There it laid looking as though it was dead on its back. It looked some what stiff with all fours tucked in almost like it’s been in that position for a while. I noticed that it could have had a little bit of a bloody lip. I was pretty freaked out about it and walked away to go and wash my hands inside. I came back out and sat in my car and searched the Internet of what it could mean where I found myself here. I roughly let maybe five to ten minutes go by and decided to get out of my car to go check it out again maybe even take a picture. In the back of my head I thought it would be gone and it was. Maybe something came by and ate it. Maybe it was alive and hopped away. Can a frog get scared and lay still well that’s the least of my questions. If it was alive could it have been on my lap and fallen with my lighter? It seemed like it but it’s hard to believe I couldn’t feel it hop on to my lap. I would be much appreciative to anybody that could have any insight on my experience. It happened in real life it was not a dream. Thanks for reading and helping me out with this

  • Latasha

    Im 42 year old and going through changes in my life .i pray hope thing will get better i have health issue i be in alot of pain in my joints and hand i have a hard time doing personal things for myself but i know god has a plan for me .for healing cause i belive.and i know that i want be in this situation for long in belive that a change will be coming soon .for me and my kids i want so much for them and myself but i just cant afford the things that the want like a place that we can call home but i pray and know change will come just keep the faith and a change for the better☺

    • Debra

      I pray things get better for you God can do amazing things in our life if we work with him . I am sorry you’re going through a lot of hard times. I will pray that God will do something miraculous in your life and your family. I pray God moves mountains in your life.

  • Ruth

    I’ve been grieving the death of my dog companion of 13 years; she’s been gone 1 week. Last night while watching TV, a tree frog came and sat next to me, on the outside of my patio door. It stayed there for about an hour, and left just before I got up to go to bed. This is going to be such a time of transition to me, it was comforting to have this little animal stay with me for a bit, and to read about it now, is like the universe acknowledging my pain and this time of change for me.

    • Heidi

      I have been going through a very tough time in my life and things are changing. I too have a tree frog that has come to me every night now for the past few weeks and he just sits in the window behind where I sit. After reading the information on the frog as a spirit animal, I was comforted that I have this support during my pain and time of change! Positive thoughts and prayers your way during your time of loss and change.

      • Jacklyn

        Kudos to you! I hadn’t thguhot of that!

    • Steven

      OMG im from Australia and whiist i wad sitting outside a frog approached me. I didn’t understand y therefore i googled frog presence and this web page pooped up. And now I’m reading your comment and I can relate wowwww God Bless

  • Yogabuff

    My 92 year old mother fell, broke her hip, had surgery last week.  I leave in a few days to go 1600 miles to take care of her when she returns home.  We’ve never had a great relationship so sort of been wondering how all this will go.  Tonight I was awaken about 3 am feeling something on my head.  It was a toad.  I was able to catch and release it back outside.  Then started looking up the symbolism.  I can say I am certainly in a transition phase of my life for a few months.  Hopefully it will mean a transition in our relationship also for the better.

  • KellyQ68

    I went to my mailbox this morning to find a dead frog.  It’s not a letterbox, but a freestanding mailbox on a post and the door was closed all day except for the few seconds the mailman would have opened it to deliver the mail.  There is no way he just found his way in there, so my question is: if someone purposely placed this frog in my box, what is the message or meaning?  It’s been very hot and it’s a metal box – so they had to know it would die before I checked the box…

  • Jenebug

    Every night two frog come and hangout on my kitchen window. I noticed them about a month or two ago. I assume they live in flower beds just outside the window. Funny thing is I’ve been going through a tough transition in my life. My intuition tells me this isn’t a coincidence so I’m researching frogs.

  • Kimberly

    It is 12:46 am i got awaken by a bump turn on light its a huge frog on my bedroom floor my husband actually was sleeping so i was he felt on his head grabbed panicked and threw frog on floor how a frog get in our bed i dnt know but this is very crazy !!

  • Lucina

    Hello world I stay on the3rd floor every night I come home it’s a frog sitting by my door…I’m confused or don’t know the meaning behind it have been racing tho about frogs and different people meaning it’s just strange to me tho because I’m on the 3rd floor and I get greeted with this frog

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