Deer Spirit Animal | Deer Totem Meaning

Deer Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Deer Spirit Animal

When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the art of being both determined and gentle in your approach. The deer totem wisdom imparts those with a special connection with this animal with the ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts to get out the trickiest situations.

What is the meaning of the deer totem?

The meanings associated with the deer combine both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination:

  • Gentleness
  • Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace
  • Being in touch with inner child, innocence
  • Being sensitive and intuitive
  • Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly
  • Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries

Dear spirit animal, symbol of gentleness and heart energy

When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are able to bring gentleness and grace in every aspects of your life, even in the most challenging moments. By inspiration from the deer’s qualities, you can achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situation smoothly with a touch of gentleness and grace.

The deer spirit animal will remind you to be gentle with yourself and others. The grace and gentleness characteristic of this spirit animal echo the qualities brought forth when living from the heart. For example, the traditional symbol used for the heart chakra has the deer (sometimes also represented as an antelope) as emblematic animal of the energy of love and harmony with oneself and others.

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The power of the deer: Grace & determination

The deer horns are great means of defending and asserting yourself. Being gentle does not being being defenseless. With the deer as a power animal on your side, you can be strongly determined and gentle at the same time.

Deer totem wisdom and innocence

Another quality that the deer spirit animal brings to those who have a connection with it is a felt sense of their own inner gentleness, a clear connection with the innocence of their inner child. The spirit of the deer reveals to you a fresh perspective on old issues. Takes advantage of this opportunity to revise and reverse patterns of thought or behavior that no longer serve you.

Deer Spirit Animal

Fun Fact:

White stags are often described in myths and folklore but they also exist in real life! A white stag occurs when a deer has a condition called leucism, which causes the hair and skin to lose its natural color.

<Click Here For More Fun Deer Facts>

A mystical totem animal, symbol of regeneration of life and heart energy

The deer’s antlers can grow back once they fall. Because of this characteristic, this animal has been revered in many traditions as a symbol of life regeneration. There’s a cloud of mystery around this ability that gives the deer a magical and mystical quality. If you have the deer as power animal, you could tap into life’s magical ability to renew itself.

A spirit guide to develop sensitivity and intuitive powers

If the deer has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, you may be called to use or develop your sensitivity at various levels in your life. This animal powers guide you to refine your intuition and psychic abilities. You can refine your receptivity and use your senses and intuition to reach farther out.

The deer spirit and vigilance

Those with the deer as animal totem may be inclined to be constantly on the move, being on the look out for the next opportunity. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may also be watchful of your “predators”, which translate into a tendency to be sometimes overly cautious. It takes time for you to trust someone or feel safe in your environment.

You can invoke the power of the deer to guide you in getting accustomed to new surroundings and people. This spirit guide might show up in your life to warn you encourage you to trust your instinct. The deer spirit animal will also show up in your life to encourage you to take some time by yourself in a quiet environment to rest or in nature. It invites you to find rest and peace in silence.

Dreaming About a Deer

Among other things the deer symbolizes sensitivity and intuition. Therefore when deer shows up in your dreams, it may be asking you to pay attention to your intuition. Is there a predator stalking you? You may need to be careful and plan your escape route.

If you are chasing a deer in your dreams, it may mean that you are conquering your fears. If you are the deer being chased, it may mean that you are running from your fears.

A deer in your dream can also represent a person you know who exhibits the traits of the deer such as gentleness, timidity and vulnerability.

In addition, as a prey animal the deer often makes the ultimate sacrifice. Are you sacrificing yourself for something? Is that sacrifice necessary? The deer may be asking you to take a good look and see if the sacrifice is really needed.

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378 Responses to Deer Spirit Animal

  • One love
    Wow, the characteristics and qualities of a deer remind me of myself in a big way. I do have the tendency to be very gentle and when I am not I go back and take a look of what I just did and think of what I could have done better. I am also very cautious. One step outside and I am on alert because I live in such a territory where the homeless and drunk live, because I own a store. The deer is such a graceful gentle creature. I am very proud to say that within lies the spirit of a deer.
  • stinky
    I hated deers they are the worst animal in the whole wide world. I hate this website.
    • billy
      There verey beautiful smart and stelthy verey quick they can appear and disapear in the blink of an eye wise animals im proud to be a deer
      • Anonymous
    • One love
      Why hate a deer when you can like it? Put in every perspective of different people and then may you find what lies within. For you though it seems you would like to hate on the deer which is hating on people who got the spirit of the deer. I'd love to find the best in people so I let this slide past me. But for you I am worried about.
    • Dano
      Find yourself my friend. Maybe you didn't align so well the deer. Try answering the questions again. Breathe, take your time and whatever you put out in the world expect it back so be careful what you put out. Stay positive.
    • Jenny
      Stinky, you really do stink.
    • Cutedeergirl
      No deer are the best they are my favorite animal ever Peale have opinions but don't be THAT cruel about it!i am proud to be a fellow deer
      • Cutedeergirl
        Sorry I meant people and every but I am glad to be a doe that means female deer
    • Anonymous
      I hate you and you stink
  • Supadupa
    Yes I love most animals but I'd rather have the Holy Spirit guide me!
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      me too
    • Margareth
      Yess Me too.. But, can I still on my decision to make a deer's tattoo without believing its spirit or something?? Confusing
  • Khayah
    845 Ext 6 Taung
  • Jen
    I'm more of a polar bear to be honest I mean other tests I've taken have said I am but deer is a nice spirit animal! 👍
  • H.G.
  • Lily
    I got deer and I love that I got deer it seems that if the deer is your spirt animal them you are very wise and smart😀
    • Lana
    • Sierra Hampton
      Oh deer
    • One love
      I will never fight unless it is for a good reason. The deer is wise and gentle, going straight into fight and war is not the answer
  • Dylan
  • Judi
    I did not get the deer when I took the quiz but anything to do with antlers and the deer has been drawing me to learn about the deer for the past year. Has it chosen me?
  • Mika
    "I KNEW IT!!"
  • Nya
    Sup I cant believe I am a Freakin dear
    • Stephen
      *deer..yes I will be that guy
  • Ali Abbas
    I underwent a shamanic diagnosis and the healer later email me this article... Now i do not understand how to move forward.... If deer is my spirit animal, what should i do then .. or next ??
  • Ana
    I'm happy this is a positive thing but I still feel sad because my Raven spirit animal decided to part with me for some reason, I guess the Raven can't guide me much further.. hopefully the Deer will be a positive thing in my life.
    • Nya
      Shut up I am a hunter I will shoot the raven and that is why they put u as a FREAKIN deer my dude so be happy becuz the gods gave u a FREAKIN DEER SO DEAL WITH IT also wut up call me SO yeah
      • Dylan
    • Rebecca
      How do I discover my spirit animal?
      • Peter
        Join the quiz
      • J
        The quiz randomly generates different animals based on your answers if you want to really find your spirit animal you have to have a spirit guide take you through guided meditation
    • Jordi Rosen
      I believe that we can have a number of guides and animal guides, so your Raven guide might pop up now and then still : )
    • krystal
      On my personal journey I have found that I don't have just one spirit animal. At particular times in my life crows pop up, certain color butterflies, otters, and now deers. This is why I love this website, I read and then take i took from it to see how it can apply in my life at that moment.

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