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755 Responses to Spirit Animal Quiz

  • Briana

    same i am a wolf though it just read me wrong

  • Sheila

    Tried this
    Came up butterfly but gave me all info for a hawk

  • Kay

    I was A tiger roar…

    • Mark

      Really? I got deer 😉

  • Jade

    Typo in ment if it had told me different I’d though fake! Because 1# I’m Ragnar Lothbrok and 2# the crows follow me giving me bird signs.

  • Jade

    The crow! Far out I knew it i was gonna be like this is fake if it had been difficult how did it know?

  • LL


  • Rachel

    I was an owl it was ok but you should check out MOVIE STAR PLANET its fun and you can date people, bye fellow people.

  • Gretta

    Butterfly >U< this is so me

    • Ricky

      I’m lion thought wolf but guess not

  • Rebel

    Lion too

  • Nyx

    Owl (again)

  • eli

    imfreakuing snake!

    • Alex


  • no one


    • scarlet

      Hey me 2!!!!

  • Unknown

    I got the majestic Deer (probably spelt Majestic wrong (-: )

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