Snake Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Snake Spirit Animal

The snake animal meaning is powerfully connected to life force and primal energy. In many cultures, it is revered as a powerful totem representing the source of life. When the snake spirit animal appears in your life, it likely means that healing opportunities, change, important transitions, and increased energy are manifesting.

What is the meaning of the snake spirit animal?

When the snake shows up as your spirit animal, it generally means:

  • Snake spirit animals represent healing
  • Transformation, life changes
  • The spirit of the snake is connected to life force, primal energy
  • A meaning for the snake spirit animal is spiritual guidance

The snake as a spirit animal can be to provide guidance about life changes and transitions, whether they are happening at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Snake spirit animals, symbols for healing

The snake is close to earth energies and represents life force. Since it’s a reptile, the snake spirit animal is reminiscent of unconscious drives and primal instincts. When the snake spirit animal shows up, pay attention to how you use your energy, and where you draw it from.

If you see the snake as your spirit or power animal, be sensitive to your healing abilities towards yourself or others. Cultivate sources of energy and support, especially as they relate to the earth and nature.

In ancient traditions as well as modern times, snakes are symbols of healing powers and opportunities. In the Greek mythology, Aesclepius, the god of medicine, is featured with two snakes climbing up a rod, the symbol of what is known today as the Caduceus.

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Snake Spirit Animal

The snake and spiritual guidance

The snake can symbolize spiritual guidance. The presence of the snake in your life often means that you are in a period of transition and it points to ways promote your personal growth.

Snake could appear as a spirit animal when you are stepping into the unknown and need support to move forward. This animal is typically close to the ground and can remind you of staying grounded as you move through changes.

Dream interpretation of snakes

When a snake appears in your dreams, it most likely acts as an animal spirit guide inviting you to look at important facts or dynamics that are impacting your life. Snakes featured in dreams often leaves a strong impression on the dreamer: Such dreams tend to be frightening or disturbing because they call on strong unconscious energy.

Whether the snake spirit animal featured in your dream leaves a positive or negative impression, its presence should be considered as an invitation to look at positive changes and transformation.

The dark side of snakes in dreams

When the snake appears in your dream leaves you with a negative feeling, make sure you consider positive meanings as well. The snake spirit animal often appears in dreams as a warning about personal struggles and the need to pay attention to things or events that are escaping your field of awareness.

For instance, when you dream of being bitten or attacked by a snake, it could mean that you need to be careful about important matters you’ve been ignoring so far. If the spirit animal featured in your dream in the shape of a snake is chasing you, it may represent a challenging situation or relationship that you have been avoiding and is pushing you around.

The bottom line is that a dream featuring a snake invites you to check what in your life is “poisonous” and to look at important matters before they sneak up on you and create more damage or difficulty.

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1366 Responses to Snake Spirit Animal

  • Winner

    Well, as for me i will like the snake to be my spirit Animal and my guide. the spirit of the snake will guide me away from troubles, so i will to have the snake as my spirit animal and i will like to see the spirit of the snake appear in my dreams when i go to bed tonight.

  • kris

    my daughter keeps dreaming
    about other people being bitten by snakes and dying

  • ma. clea h. honculada

    I recently woke up for having a bad dream on a yellow snake with sharp big eyes waiting for me and trying to run after me. In my dream, i did all the best i can just to stay away from it. I started bringing a sharp steel to hit it whenever it appears. That snake never bitten me but is actually going after me. Another thing that bothers me most is that i have also been dreaming of so many slithery eels on the road and it is everywhere. They seemed moving slowly and they are not attacking me. I also dreamed that my husband has another woman and he actually made her pregnant in my dream. What does this mean? I am writing this in the middle of 3:00am since injust recently dreamed all of that and i cannot go back to slee anymore.

  • Carolyn

    I am a native living on a reservation, in the Pacific Northwest. Since I have moved here I have been seeing things. I have seen in my yard by the trees, an extremely tall man with a wide brimmed round hat, standing and observing the landscape. At night I wake up around the same time each night, and see a small figure, maybe about 4 feet tall, brown hair, shoulder length, parted in the middle, standing and looking down. There are 2 snakes around her neck, the heads of the snakes are moving up and down, moving upwards and downwards, slowly and gracefully. I assume it is a female, though I can’t tell you why. I don’t see any facial features. I have seen with her with other figures, they don’t have human form. One is translucent, almost a light violet. It ripples and floats, almost like a jelly fish. When I turn on the light they are gone. My dogs see them, when I don’t. They bark and growl at them, and act fearful, the hair on their necks stand up and bristle. A few weeks ago, in a social app, Pinterest, a psychic contacted me and said there was a dark energy around me. She warned me of a car accident I might be involved in. Oddly enough, before her contact, I was driving home from a medical appointment and a lady in a large SUV, jumped out into my lane abruptly. I avoided her by driving into the empty oncoming lanes. I live in the country, I drove for another 15 minutes and ran into again at the traffic circle. She was sitting there as if waiting from me. Then I decided to be a little ruffled. I did not follow up on the psychics recommendations. Which were to contact a psychic in my area. What’s happening to me?

  • Andy

    Im sorry to hear about that. Did you notice any unforeseen change in your life after?
    Or any bite marks? This could symbolize more permanent changes, not necessarily negative, in your life.
    Peace always, fellow snake.

  • Denny

    I just had another dream of a snake bitting my left hand. It’s like the 4th dream in the past 4 years or so. Snake bite a few times on my left hand. It doesn’t hurt and is not a terrifying dream.

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