Sheep Spirit Animal | Meaning

Sheep Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Sheep Spirit Animal
The presence of the sheep spirit animal offers ways to get in touch with the innocence and vulnerability in you. In the realm of spirit animals whether it’s in dreams or in physical reality, when you encounter a sheep , it usually represents an innocent, child-like aspect of yourself. Sheep spirit animals could also symbolize a tendency or desire to conform to social norms.

What is the meaning of the sheep spirit animal?

The symbolism of the sheep generally means:

  • Sheep spirit animals represent an innocent aspect of yourself; your childhood, child-like qualities characterized by innocence, gentleness
  • Vulnerability with a negative meaning, weakness, vulnerability that could turn into powerlessness
  • Vulnerability with a positive meaning: Self-acceptance, ability to respect your own limits
  • A common meaning for the sheep totem is a part of yourself that tends to conform to social norms or family values.

The sheep can symbolize a vulnerable part of you that is associated with positive or negative meanings depending on the overall feeling at the time of the encounter with your spirit animal.

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Sheep spirit animals as expression of innocence

The sheep spirit animal has strong bonds to innocence. The presence of this power animal may express a longing to have more innocent, child-like qualities in our life. It could also call on memories of situations or events where we felt innocent, when we or life had qualities of gentleness, and inspire you to bring more of these qualities in your present life.

The sheep spirit animal, symbol of vulnerability

When your spirit animal shows up in the shape of a sheep, it may point out feelings of vulnerability you’re experiencing in your waking life. If the tone of the encounter is tinted with despair or fear, especially if it’s in a dream, the presence of the sheep suggests that you’re overwhelmed by feeling vulnerable and powerless facing a difficult situation.

There’s also a positive side of the presence of this power animal that sheds a brighter light on what vulnerability means. The presence of the sheep could mean that you are getting in touch with a softer part of yourself, vulnerable in a positive way as open, available to feeling in a gentle, innocent manner.

Sheep spirit animals and desire for conformity

Sheep Spirit Animal
When the sheep shows up in your life, it can symbolize a desire to conform, to belong to a group or an environment. Having a sheep as a totem could be an expression of a part of you that desires to be like everyone else in order to better fit in, to belong and be part of the crowd.

An alternative perspective sees the sheep as a representation of a part of you that does not want to follow the same path or doctrines as the others. Being part of the crowd may feel comforting at first, but you may not be so happy about feeling like you’re being “herded” and have limited choices because you’re lost in the middle of the herd.

Healing potential of sheep spirit animal

Sheep spirit animals could be an expression of our vulnerability in positive way. They would represent vulnerability in the sense of compassionate acceptance of one’s limitations or pain.

This spirit animal points to being more tolerant with yourself, to look at emotional suffering you may experience in your current life with compassion and take care of yourself instead of blaming yourself or others for how bad you feel.

The spirit of the sheep could be calling you to work towards a state of self acceptance of your limits or weaknesses or the ones of others. There’s a lot of possibility for healing in the presence of this animal spirit guide.

Dream interpretation: Sheep in dreams

A dream about your sheep could refer to your commitment to take care of yourself, of your needs in a gentle way. The dream could also relate to your commitment to your spiritual development.

Next Step: Share your experience about your sheep spirit animal!

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83 Responses to Sheep Spirit Animal

  • Sue
    I had a dream about my German Shepherd bringing home 2 small lambs and taking care of them. I was aware that something was going on outside, not sure if it was bad weather or just that they had escaped. Any ideas?
  • Brittney medice
    I was home alone and I actually seen a sheep in my house but when I looked back it was gone i don't understand what it means
  • Donna
    I just had this lamb dream, I was in bed sleeping, a lamb jumped in to bed with me and laid it's head on my left arm and went to sleep, I woke up in my dream, saw the lamb, I looked at it, it looked at me and the lamb licked my face, and I kissed it's nose, and the lamb put its head back down on my arm, and I rolled over onto my left side and cuddled with the lamb and we went to sleep.
  • Alyssa
    I was cooking a steak at work and it feel into a shape of a sheep
  • Jenna
    I dreamt of a herd of sheep and one was trying to come through my window and I was trying to push it back out to go back to the other sheep. But when I looked out the window my original dogs were beating up the dogs that were with the sheep...they looked like lions or chow chow dogs... Don't really understand it but yeah that's my sheep dream! What is the meaning?!
    • Regina
      I told my groedmathnr how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"
    I dreamed of a four headed sheep and it ran away after seeing me
  • potamotrygorgeous mäh
    We don't ever dream about sheep. We herd them. And they saved us.
  • Ehsan
    Hi I recently had this dream: It is my wedding ceremony (I had one just recently but the location of this one is very different from one in the real world). The bride is my real world wife. The scene is almost empty from other people and there is just my wife and I. Someone (might be a woman?) is going to sacrifice a sheep in front of us (it is a common rite in my country, Iran although we did not do such in our real ceremony). The sheep is so beautiful that we plead that person not to kill it for a while so that we can stroke and endear the sheep. It was very bright and white and its wool was more like silk with very soft, straight and glowing texture. I have never seen any animal with such beauty in my life. As it lied on its side we noticed its abdomen which clearly showed that it was pregnant. The dream continued with us still stroking the sheep till the scene changed and I did not see any killing happen. What is its interpretation? Age/Gender & Location {Age & Gender Absolutely Required}: 33/Male
  • Kenny
    I dream of a sheep eating green grass. Meaning pls.
  • Kenny
    I dream of a ship eating green grass. What could that imply
    • Mira
      We've arivred at the end of the line and I have what I need!
  • Diamond
    I dreamed I was at war against Girl Scouts and they had plans to murder me when I was found. Those little dream bitches are evil. I was the only one who realized they are evil because the adults wouldn't listen. They kept selling their evil cookies and more and more adults fall in love with them. I didn't care much about the adults but my adults are not for sharing and that's where the problem comes from. I tend to be very terratorial. The adults I kept hiding from so they don't give me to the Girl Scouts. I was thinking about my next plan to destroy the Girl Scouts when I realized a bunch of man standing rather confused by the post office. They are standing behind a wire fence so I climb threw a hole in the fence and dawn a bugs bunny like costume to look like a short old man. They fall for it like weird idiots. "What's the problem here boys?" I ask pointing at the fluffy white baaing cloud in the vehicle. "Someone ordered a sheep and we can't figure out who..." "Well boys it's just your luck as that's my sheep!" I say smiling at them. They literally scratch their head like a confused or in thought anime character. I know they believe me and they agree I must be right and give me sheep. Now this is where it's gets weird. I am very aware of my thoughts in my dreams. My plan was to set the poor thing lose on a rampage against the evil little bitches who are trying to fuck around in my territory. However I end up on some skyrim looking hill outside the weird snow town I got the poor lamb from and I'm smiling evoking. I look down at my feet and there is a smoking carcus of lovely smelling meat and it's obvious what I did to the animal. I start eating as if taking revenge on the poor thing. I'm eating aggressively like it did something it shouldn't have and I feel satisfied with my odd yet somehow classy viciousness. I start with the head. Only to notice the arms and legs and next as well as torso are all cooked seperately and positioned as if the beast had layers down with its legs straight out. I think I have some serious anti conforming issues...
  • James
    I dreamed of group of sheep running cycle and someone helped me and catch the big one with big hone among them which was the one i had in mind to catch up with, and i be came so happy when i fined out that the sheep was my, but suddenly i fined myself wearing a very nice and expensive T-shirt polo as if the T-shirt was the same sheep and the T-shirt polo was long sleeve with Eagle designed by the right side of it. Please what is the meaning of the dream?
  • Francine Wade
    I dreamed of lambs sitting on treebranches, im not sure what this means
  • Leah
    I have a dream of a pack of dingoes with sticks on fire in their mouth setting the sheep on fire...
    • Michael
      Donald Trump. Bad dog! He's got the sheep 'fired up'. Will do great damage to the Protestant conservative churches and get good Christian LGBT and open-hearted kids bullied into suicide.
      • Lucky
        ‘The 919 is another case entirely, but suffered from the same Euro-centric design cues that afflicted the 599. For some reason, Europe likes lots of plastic bits that look like they were transmogrified off of some insect cao1apce.&#82a7;Crmplete nonsense, the original Hornets are as naked as naked bikes get. The only obviously European design cue is the underseat exhausts. As for the SV, that succeeded because it was a cheap bike with a great engine, not because of its ‘compelling design’ — all but the fully-faired versions look a mess compared to the Hornets.

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