Panda Spirit Animal | Totem Meaning

Panda Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Panda Spirit Animal

The panda is a powerful spirit animal inspiring tranquil strength and determination. Under its soft and fuzzy appearances, this animal totem brings forth the importance of strong personal boundaries to feel safe and grounded in life. If you have the panda as spirit animal or totem, you may be inclined to be emotional and feel like you need strong material and physical comfort to feel at ease in your life. Symbolic of the ability to find a balanced and nurturing path through life, it will encourage those who have it as totem or power animal to integrate different aspects of their personality in an harmonious whole.

Panda Symbolism

The panda is a symbol of gentleness and strength. The general meanings associated with this animal are:

  • Gentle strength
  • Peace
  • Good luck, positive outlook on life
  • Connection with Eastern wisdom

The symbolism of the panda also encompasses personal and spiritual qualities, such as:

  • Integration of polarized aspects of yourself, such as feminine and masculine energies
  • Heart-centered energy, nurturing ability
  • Importance of emotions
  • Calm determination, ability to take time to reach your goals
  • Importance of private space and personal boundaries

The panda spirit animal and emotional personality

Those who have the panda as spirit animal can be very sensitive and easily prone to emotional ups and downs. This animal is characterized by its very high sensitivity to its surroundings and can quickly become stressed when there is too much movement or noise around. If you identify with the panda totem, you’re likely very aware of your environment and the energies around you. While this is a useful quality, make sure your learn how to keep your emotional balance.

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Panda Spirit Animal

The panda totem, a teacher about the importance of personal boundaries

The panda spirit animal reminds us of the importance of establishing healthy personal boundaries to feel at ease and safe in the world. This animal lives a solitary life during its most of its existence. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may feel you need to keep your distance in order to feel comfortable in social settings or in relationship. The message of wisdom of the panda also emphasizes the importance of feeling at ease with ourselves, whether we are alone or with other people.

Panda lifestyle and material comfort

The panda had to adapt its food intake to its particularly short digestive system by eating during most of the day large amount of bamboo. It is known for its high consumption of bamboo, up to 40 pounds per day. By affinity with this animal, you may be inclined to rely on the accumulation of material sources for comfort.

If the panda is your spirit animal, you may find that you put a lot of importance on your material comfort, whether by making sure you have enough to meet your immediate needs or by ensuring your long term sustenance. Be mindful of the tendency to accumulate for the sake of accumulating.

The spirit of the Panda and the art of nurturing

When the panda shows up in your life, it may be time to nurture yourself or others more carefully. What are the sources of nourishment and nurturance in your everyday life? Do you cultivate what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Do you give or receive enough nurturing?

The panda is symbolic of heart-centered energy and its spirit attends to the aspects of our life associated with cherishing and cultivating gentleness and loving care.

The Panda, a symbol of gentle strength

The totem of the panda has affinities with bear energy. Despite its gentle appearances, it is a strong animal with an unstoppable determination. Like the bear, it provides powerful support for those who need courage and steadiness in their endeavors. Those with the panda totem tend to be able to be firm and gentle at the same time and demonstrate a gentle strength in any circumstance.

Wisdom of the Panda: Be calm and steady

The wisdom of the panda teaches us to move through life calmly and with determination. You can call this spirit animal to help you maintain a steady pace and direction. In the Eastern culture, this animal is symbol of peace and harmonious resolution of conflict. The panda is of great support to get of tricky situations peacefully.

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30 Responses to Panda Spirit Animal

  • Mercedes jimenez
    My best friends a panda!!She loves them so I just had to check it out I'm a wolf!!
  • Ruthie
    I find it interesting that there is a red panda in the loose today in the USA, having escaped from a Virginia zoo. I can't help but think there is a message in this fir all of us. The fact UT is a red panda is no coincidence either!
  • Telah quemere
    I saw a few images in random places- 1.)some street art in Brooklyn- a disturbing image of some children and one holding a record with panda on it- with a 'golden triangle 'symbol( of course I looked it up and it is an area in SE Asia- where there opium is grown and distributed as well as a place in Washington DC elite live.2 days later I look on the ground walking and a button with a panda face on it at my feet. Ok- then this weekend I go out to a costume party- low and behold I realize I'm wearing black and white and so are all my friends-the totem behind it makes total sense for me as well. I see it as meaning contrast- in our beings..something sees it as 1 way and it could be another..
  • Deborah
  • Mountain
    If i get the panda does that mean i won't have sex?
  • Baphomet
    Many thanks for this - you really nailed this !! Very lucid. Peace.
    ...ans so I'll wait....& pray for "THEPANDAPLAN" ░░░░░░░░▄██▄░░░░░░▄▄░░ ░░░░░░░▐███▀░░░░░▄███▌ ░░▄▀░░▄█▀▀░░░░░░░░▀██░ ░█░░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ █▌░░▐██░░▄██▌░░▄▄▄░░░▄ ██░░▐██▄░▀█▀░░░▀██░░▐▌ ██▄░▐███▄▄░░▄▄▄░▀▀░▄██ ▐███▄██████▄░▀░▄█████▌ ▐████████████▀▀██████░ ░▐████▀██████░░█████░░ ░░░▀▀▀░░█████▌░████▀░░ ░░░░░░░░░▀▀███░▀▀▀░░░░
    • Meilin

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