Lion Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

Lion Spirit Animal

In the realm of spirit animals, the lion wins the prize for most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties. The presence of this power animal could also mean that something “wild” or difficult to control is happening. As such, lions symbolizes emotions that are difficult to manage, such a anger or fear.

Lion Totem Meaning

The lion as a spirit animal or totem symbolizes:

  • Strength, assertiveness, personal power
  • A common meaning for the lion spirit animal is predatory feelings, such as anger, aggression directed at someone else or towards you
  • Personal struggle to deal with these feelings
  • Lion spirit animals warn about a threatening situation or event in your life

Lion spirit animal, symbol of personal strength and courage

The lion spirit animal is generally associated with a representation of  personal strength. If the lion appears powerful to you, its presence as a spirit guide can be interpreted as a positive representation of your self-confidence or personal power. As such, lions point to qualities of strength, courage, assertiveness.

Lions are also animals who dominate other animals in nature. Remember as an example the expression “the lion, king of the jungle”. When a lion appears as your power animal, it could reflect your ability to lead others or tendency to dominate in relationships or at work.

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A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.

~ Vernon Howard


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When lion spirit animals warn about challenges

This spirit animal could point to one of your weak spots or a difficult situation you’re experiencing. The lion animal spirit guide is perhaps showing you the way to deal with the issue and keep going with the courage it also embodies.

Lions could also represent an authority that may feel overpowering or a conflicting relationship with power and authority. When you see a lion as a spirit animal, it could symbolize external power, authority, forces that dominate or rule parts of your life. For instance, if you dream about a scar or threatening lion, it may remind you that you need to deal with an overbearing boss, partner or teacher in your waking life.

Lion Spirit Animal

Lion spirit animal, symbol for anger & personal struggle

Seeing your lion spirit animal could be an invitation to control your temper or your moderate aggressive impulses. For instance, observe if you could really listen to what people have to say before striking back at them. Or explore how to express your needs or anger more openly and constructively to reduce your level of frustration.

If you are dreaming of being chased by a lion, it may represent a situation that brings about personal struggle. Common dream scenarios with threatening lions are as follows: A lion suddenly appears in your dream. You feel threatened by this wild animal known for devouring its prey with no mercy. The lion is now preying on you. You’re trying to escape, but it still behind you, chasing you like you’re about to get devoured.

Dream interpretation: Being chased by a lion

This lion dream scenario is classic. Dreaming of being chased by a lion is one of the most common themes featuring this creature in the dream world. The lion chasing you generally connects to the struggle the dreamer is experiencing regarding feelings of anger or aggression in waking life.

The dream about your lion spirit animal could point to anger you may feel towards someone or aggression that is directed at you. Being chased by a lion in a dream could be a warning from your animal totem that you’re struggling with these feelings and how to express them. The lion totem could mean that you’re having difficulties dealing with a situation where someone is mean or aggressive with you.

Scary dreams about lions

Terrorized by your lion spirit animal?

If you are terrified by a lion, reassure yourself. The dream is expressing in strong images what you feel inside. It is a symbolic representation of strong psychological or emotional tensions you may experience in your life. Dreaming about a lion in this way is an invitation to examine what’s happening in your life that is causing tension and despair.

Most likely, you’re facing a challenging situation or behavior that is hard to comprehend at a conscious level and the lion appears as a spirit animal to help. It may be too hard to deal with or seem unacceptable to you and therefore is rejected out of your awareness, a bit like a protection, a defense mechanism. The presence of your lion spirit animal could be a warning to pay attention to a situation or person who’s creating worries or concerns for you.

On a positive note, a terrifying lion is likely indicating that you’re in the process of becoming more aware of the issues at hand. It works as a reminder that whatever is bothering you in your waking life needs to come out in the open to be dealt with. Bring forth the courage that lion totems symbolize.

Lion spirit animals in dreams: When the lion bites you

A lion that bites you in your dream could be a warning from your spirit animal and signify that you’re feeling overwhelmed in your waking life. The source of worries could be about feelings you or someone else may have or a situation that is particularly challenging. The image of the lion bite is a strong call to look at what’s going on in your life that could feel threatening or dangerous before it really “bites” you.

Another interpretation of such lion dream is to ask yourself what is dominating your life these days and see if you can bring more balance.

Scary images of lion spirit animals and the “shadow self”

When you are scared by the presence of your lion spirit animal, whether it’s in dreams or in waking life, this could be an invitation to look at your “shadow self”. The shadow self is a part of yourself that you prefer to keep “in the shadow” or the dark. In other words, a part of yourself you would hide or reject because it’s not likeable, you or other people think it’s unacceptable, not worthy, etc.

Your spirit animal indicates the need to look at these aspects of yourself and resolve the tensions inner conflicts may create. For instance, by just starting to acknowledge parts of your “shadow self”, looking at them, perhaps understanding what they are about, what they are connected with, you can start bringing a better understanding of yourself.

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544 Responses to Lion Spirit Animal

  • a person

    I wonder how it explains my personality while I didn’t think about some parts of my personality! thank you; it’s a truly test.

  • April

    I saw, a black lion with red eyes standing right behind me. He just stared at me his mouth open I could see his breath. I felt scared, can someone explain this?

    • Katy

      Per, the black lion means a negative force. Either a part of you or someone around you is negative or using their power in a negative way. The red eyes to me reflect anger. Are you angry? Is there a difficult person in your life?  Good luck with finding what it means for you. I check multiple sites, because each can add a piece to the puzzle even if there are many similarities.


  • Lara

    When I meditate I see loved ones that have passed over, but I never saw my dad who was killed by police and then they sued my mom and won. It was right before I started speaking out on police brutality. I was afraid to tell my story Before I meditated I said ” where is my dad? About 5 minutes in a lion appeared next to me and I leaned against him I felt so safe I knew right away that that was my dad

    • ngga

      i dont give a fuk bich

      • Anonymous ngga

        Whatever your going tru I hope u get over it, because what you put out will certainly come back to you. One law that stands is karma is the real bitch.

    • Janean Pizzileo

      I love ur story! Short, to the point but yet, very powerful! Thanx for sharing it!

      • Janean Pizzileo

        I’m sorry I forget to address my comment.Thanx again Lara for ur comment. It touched my spirit and what I’m going thrgh in my life now. God bless.

  • Ampuput

    I have a dream with a lion. Before I woke up, the lion was coming near to me then I dont know what happened after that. I really just dont know if the lion was chasing me, but in my dream it was always behind me until I climbed a ladder and it came to me.

  • Rhsims

    Always thought the Lion stood for bravery and courage. As in African traditions. Or the lion stood for a protector/paladin of sorts (hence, Richard the Lionheart)

  • julie amigliore

    when i was a child i loved plums. i awoke early, the sun was shining thru the window illuminating a bowl of plums on the kitchen table. I remember thinking i would like to eat every single one of them, but knew if i did, that would be selfish of me. I loved my family, and decided to only take one, and this way every one in my family could enjoy a plum. t
    Instantly a lion appeared in my bedroom. It was sitting upright, but i was on the top of a bunk bed, and its head and mane almost touched the ceiling. It was ginormous. It took my breath away. I was stunned and did not move, althoo ugh inside myself i knew it was not going to hurt me. I just sat there staring at it. It was real. I thought this is amazing, it just appeared, like an angel. Then i doubted, and i told myself if i blinked my eyes, and it was still there, it would be real. When i blinked and opened my eyes it was gone. I was ashamed for doubting,but felt it was a gift to see him hthere, and had to do with me deciding not to be selfish. I have remembered the lion thru my years of life, and it has given me stregnth knowing i am being watched, and my behavior scrutinized, and good behavior is an honorable commended way to live

  • DebonairFeline

    I do not remember a single dream with which it had a lion. What does that mean? Am I not connected to my spirit animal, or is it a different animal? I have had (and still have) six cats, whom were all strays, enter my life since I was 7 years old. I’m pretty sure that my spirit animal is feline of some kind, however the lion has not always been an influence on my taste, nor in anomalous spirit messages. Sooo… in conclusion, RAWR! =(^.^)=

  • Stephanie

    I had a dream once that my and family were in danger and I couldn’t do anything too help except for sacrificeing my own life for all of theirs. When I killed my self a lion emerged out of my body and saved all my friends. Then it jumped back into my body and I came back to life. I’m really confused what does this mean?

  • Monique

    I once had a dream that I was being chased by a lion but at the time I was acting in a movie without realizing it. I saw it from a bird’s eye view. Is this symbolic to anything?

    • Carl

      Yes, that’s symbolize you are still dreaming and need to get up for work

    • Saul Martinez

      I may not be able to give the full advise you are looking for,I know a a website that might have your answer.Get on Google and type in lion spirit, then look for lion spirit/totem meaning.It should give you the answer you are looking for.This website told me a lot about myself,it might for you.

    • Anonymous

      I may not be able to give the full advise you are looking for,I know a a website that might have your answer.Get on Google and type in lion spirit, then look for lion spirit/totem meaning.It should give you the answer you are looking for.This website told me a lot about myself,it might for you.

  • Shenette

    I had a dream about I seen a tiger in the sky when he came to earth he was a lion. I was with my sister she stared at the lion and I started backing away. I walked into this store and the lion stood behind me harmless.

  • Your Mom

    I’m a lion and everything else is trash compared to me.

    • Erin

      Well that’s arrogant! Maybe your spirit animal is really a dog…a female dog to be more specific.

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