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46 Responses to Your Spirit Animal

  • Kelly Craig

    really a bear which is funny according to the native american zodiac being born in september i’m a bear but i feel more connected spiritually to the wolf more than anything and what iv’e read about the wolf spirit sounds too much like me.

  • Sheldon Butler

    This was awaste of my time. It wouldn’t show me mine. I only received php errors, learn how to program.

    • Cindy

      U need internet connection in order 4 it to work

  • V

    Hmm the owl. I find that interesting owls have appeared to me in several dreams and i see them quite often. Perhaps this test was more accurate than i thought


    I got tiger, im also connected to 5he owl and hawk.The second time i changed my answers and sill got the same.;)

  • J-dalsim

    Got owl. Took it a second time, to change a couple answers I was unsure of and got owl again. The owl has always been with me, this just helps confirm what I knew.

    • J-dalsim

      Owl was #1, Butterfly #2 and my #3 changed from Bear to Coyote.

  • Hasemichi

    I got Deer but i may connected with the bear and the butterfly. HEHEHE…
    I often get the bear in other quizzes… but, i’m happy to get it 🙂

  • Kris

    I got the butterfly, this fits me perfectly. I’m also connected to the owl and the hummingbird. Nice to know this.

  • Panda

    I got the butterfly. I am also connected with the humming bird & the deer. I’m happy with it

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