Turkey Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, SpiritAnimal.info Editor

Turkey Spirit Animal

The Turkey is a spirit animal closely associated with honoring nature and the Earth. Symbol of abundance, this totem animal encourages us to honor our sources of nourishment, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. The turkey reminds us to develop a harmonious relationship with the land and our environment and consider them as foundations to our well-being and sustenance. The Turkey totem is a powerful guide to unlocking the fullness of life and feeling content with what we have instead of accumulating material belongings to seek happiness.

Turkey Symbolism

The symbolism of the Turkey focuses on the connection with the Earth and the abundance it provides. Generally, it symbolizes:

  • Abundance
  • Connection with the spirit of the land, with Mother Earth
  • Blessings from the Earth
  • Forms of nourishment in our life
  • Harvesting the fruits of your efforts and your work
  • Importance of community
  • Generosity, sharing
  • Having enough in our life, satisfaction

The Turkey spirit animal and the connection with the Earth

The Turkey has long been associated with the connection to the Earth and its blessings. This spirit animal reminds us of the importance of our relationship with the land and nature as a reciprocal source of nourishment and sustenance. In order to receive the land’s blessings, we also need to honor the land.

The Turkey totem conveys the spiritual connection with the Earth and reminds us the interconnectedness of our existence and our natural and social environment.

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The Turkey, a symbol of abundance

The Turkey has traditionally been associated with the spirit of giving and abundance, especially in North America. In the modern American culture, the Turkey is an important part of Thanksgiving Day. Originally, this day commemorates the pilgrim’s first harvest during which four turkeys were eaten. Nowadays, food is shared in celebration of gratitude and community.

In the traditional Native American culture, some tribes used to give turkeys as giveaway presents to other tribes.

Turkey Spirit Animal

The spirit of the Turkey and the importance of honoring feminine energies

Because the turkey is closely associated with the spirit of the Earth, it is also symbolic of feminine energies at work in our lives. This animal has been revered in ancient traditions as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

The turkey is a useful guide to unlocking the fullness of life. It invites those who have it as totem to cultivate the balance between giving and receiving and find contentment in what they have.

Turkey totem, community, and sharing

The spirit of the Turkey totem puts an emphasis on community and the importance of sharing and generosity. The wisdom of this spirit animal is about paying attention to the people who are part of our life, whether it’s our family members, coworkers, classmates, or society at large.

When the turkey shows up as a spirit guide, it encourages us to see beyond our immediate personal needs and foster a sustainable relationship with others. Those who have the turkey as a power animal or totem may be inclined to be generous and giving without expecting anything in return.

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43 Responses to Turkey Totem

  • RG

    There’s wild turkey that is always outside of my grief counselor’s office… and shows up outside her window during our sessions… It’s near my work. 

    When I walked to my car in the parking ramp yesterday, the same turkey was there roaming the ramp. I knew it was the same bird by the feather hanging off its chest in the same spot. Unique experience!

  • brad

    i just had the great honor of an albino turkey, full adult, walk up a mine driveway….i was fortunate and videoed it for a full minute…mine dad always called me “turkey”.
    …thank you, spirits, for this most rarest of sightings

  • Debra

    In the Morning Iread My Scriptures and pray,this particular morning I started Thanking The Lord Jesus Christ for His many blessings so I said Lord Thank You for this water stream, thank You for these birds flying all around and I looked up and saw the sky it was so beautiful so I Said Lord I want to see more of your Wonders. I got home and My Husband said look out the window and there was 5 turkeys,Gobble gobble gobbling away!!! It Amazed Me Once again God showed me His Wonders!! I never thought to look up the prophetic meaning of wild turkeys , My Husband did and so I looked it up and it came to pass as Abundance and to be content in what you have. I Love that!!!! I had been buying nick knacks and spending money net on things I didn’t need that just most of the time Inend up giving away!!! So now I will be. Intent and grateful for what God has given Me!!!

    • kristian

      I saw 5 turkeys the other day I wonder what that means …….

      • Joan

        I saw about 20 today. On my street.  Never before have I seen turkeys. In groups like this What does it mean ? -and it’s a week before thanksgiving

        • Bob

          I had 16 turkeys in my back yard when I got home yesterday. it means it is a time to be thankful for our blessings.

  • Jasmine

    My 3 year old son had been in and out of the hospital all weekend. I was thinking about his health as I was driving down the interstate when a turkey flew across my car! Imagine s turkey flying across 10 lanes of traffic! I’m doing more research as to find out the connection.

  • Alexandra

    I got to work and a wild turkey wandered near my car and the building, As i moved thru the building it walked around the perimeter looking in the windows at me, following me and watching me the whole time. Strangest thing. Never encountered a wild turkey before. It appeared to be a female. I have been contemplating starting a family and also, moving across the country. I am highly spiritual and believe this was a good sign, as it brought warmth to my heart. Maybe I am on the right path ?

    • Alexandra

      Sweet! Best wishes your way! 😀

  • Tricia Kristoff Rampata

    We are building a new home and went by to see the progress on the footings and stem wall. A female wild turkey was walking around in the interior house stem walls for a good five minutes then hopped out and walked across the street into the nearby woods. Made us feel like she certainly is blessing this house and our new community!

  • Sherry

    I have had wild turkeys cross my path a few times a week for the past month also finding their feathers and had a dream about a wild turkey. Definitely looking into the message. Also from the frequency of having them cross so closely in front of me when I am walking or in Kabota I am guessing wild turkey is one of my totems.

  • Terry

    I saw a group of turkeys hanging out in peoples yards while I was on a walk the other day. I saw this group of turkeys twice while on my walk in two diffrent parts of the neighborhood. I knew it was the same group because one of the turkeys was albino. It felt like a good omen.

    • Anonymous

      Awww!! 🙂

  • Ellen

    I just saw 5 turkeys

    • doug

      Wow!I saw 5 turkeys today!nice connection Helen!

  • Paul

    I’ve lived in my northern CA suburban home for 17 years.  I’ve never seen a turkey in my neighborhood.  Yesterday was my birthday and for the 1st time ever, a pair of toms were standing in my driveway.  Quite an unexpected, but happy surprise.

    • Anonymous

      hey, same thing here in oakland hills… very strange.

  • Sue

    I live in Florida and have a home on a canal that abuts a wildlife preserve.  I have been here for almost 12 years. On Sunday mornings, I like to sit on my lanai with my coffee and look at the scenery.  Never in all these years have I seen wild turkeys here.  But for the past two Sundays I have.  Last week I suddenly saw two turkeys walk up from the canal on the other side.  Today I saw 3 turkeys walking on the other side of the canal.  I am not quite sure what it means but it is a very pleasant feeling.  I have been going through great challenges for the last 8 years and things are starting to calm down now so it is a very comforting sign to see the turkeys.

  • Andrea

    As I was driving home today I was thinking to myself that I’m just not where I thought I’d be in my life by now; marriage, a family, more success in my business, financial flexibility, etc. As soon as I turn onto my street I see 21 wild turkeys cruisin’ through my neighbors front yard. I look up the symbolism and read about abundance, fertility, satisfaction, and more. What could this possibly mean? A symbol of something, no doubt.

  • Victor Anderson

    Dear friends who care about the animal messages. I was away from home working. I had big anxiety from a setback in a s spiritual trip I was working on. There was friend’s support yet I could not really take it in. The wild turkeys arrived and I felt a great easing in my body. I knew they were a gift. Their call in the woods was also a balm to my pain. The next day I was more able to see the love and good people in my life and ;et it in. The mind goes so fast to places of lack and the turkey medicine eases that in such a wonderful way!! A bow to those beautiful birds at that frigid time. I spread ample seed and thanked them deeply. Victor

    • Anonymous

      This was a beautiful gift ,thank you for sharing Victor.

    • Anonymous

      Good thoughts. Thank you

  • Colleen

    I live in an apartment complex.  I cone outside to go to my car & their is a wild turkey with a broken leg.  I put out some corn & oatmeal. It ate the food and limped away.  Any ideas, as to meaning?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t
      Have an idea but had similar experience another day: limping bird. Have you ever seen yours again?

  • Ulla

    We recently bought a house in the mountains and were visited by a large flock of wild turkeys. I had no idea that they would come in suxh large numbers and it was a beautiful experience to have witnessed.It feels good to learn of the big picture and I welcome them as neighbors.

    • Anonymous

      I am not sure were you are but the same thing just happened to us today. I have been living on this land for over 20 years and have had an occasional wild turkey pass though but today we found in excess of 25, toms and hens in our back yard. It was such a powerful experience and blessing. I am glad that when I came to this site I immediately found your posting of an experience so similar to ours.

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