Tiger Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, SpiritAnimal.info Editor

tiger totem

In the kingdom of spirit animal, the tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, you may enjoy dealing with life matters spontaneously, trusting your intuition and acting fast when needed.

What is the meaning of the tiger spirit animal?

Common symbolism for the tiger is:

  • The primary meaning of the tiger spirit animal is willpower, personal strength and courage;
  • Shadow or part of you that you would normally try to hide or reject.
  • Aggression or anger directed at you or felt towards someone;
  • Unpredictability in life, actions or feelings;

In the field of animal symbolism, the tiger is associated with both positive and negative meanings. In order to fully grasp the message this spirit animal has for you, pay attention to the behavior it displays and the feelings you have toward it. It will guide you to a deeper, more embodied understanding of meaning of this animal in your life.

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Tiger spirit animal, symbol of personal power

The primary meaning for tiger spirit animals is personal strength. This spirit animal may point out to a recent event or situation that prompted you to show courage and determination.

If the atmosphere of your encounter with your power animal is mostly positive, the tiger could remind you of your personal power and ability to overcome obstacles. Seeing this spirit animal also means that you’re overcoming fears and learning how to deal with strong emotions that once felt threatening, but are becoming more and more manageable.

Tiger spirit animals, symbols of physical vitality

Tiger spirit animals can represent physical strength, vitality, and health. The expression "strong like a tiger" denotes the positive attributes that your power animal can communicate to you.

As an extension, the presence of the tiger spirit animal could connect with your appetite for life and sensuality. Depending on how you feel when you encounter this animal, it may indicate a strong, positive expression of your sensuality.

If the presence of your power animal triggers fear or confusion, pay attention to your how are feeling about experiences pertaining to sexuality. For instance, look if there's a situation with a emotional and sensual tension that is uneasy for you; or observe if whether your desires or sexual appetite is going out of control.

Dark side of the tiger spirit animal: Aggression

When the tiger shows up in your life, it could be an indicator of aggression that you are experiencing. It could point to a feeling of aggression directed at you or how aggressive you may feel towards someone.

Tigers are great predators and hunters in nature. In the animal spirit world, tigers could appear when you feel threatened by external circumstances or your own feelings. The tiger totem is both a sign of a potential threat and a call for courage to face it.

When you see a tiger spirit animal, check what’s happening in your life that may seem dangerous or threatening to you. Also keep an eye on possible causes of fear, anger or deep frustration that seem to be escaping your conscious control.

Unpredictability and the tiger spirit animal

A tiger featured as an animal spirit guide may represent the unpredictability in events or circumstances in your life. Perhaps unexpected events are disturbing your plans, or things are moving so quickly that you are having a hard time finding the best plan of action.

The tiger could also symbolize the unpredictable nature of feelings and emotions in you or other people. As feelings spring forth in our life, especially if they are "big" feelings associated with anger or fear, they may unpredictable, powerful, like a wild tiger.

The tiger spirit animal could point to a rash decision you or somebody else made or where people where unwilling to compromise.

Dream meanings of tiger animal spirit guides

When the tiger appears in dreams, it can be a symbol of strength, more specifically willpower. A dream featuring your tiger animal spirit guide could tell you about your ability to overcome obstacles in life or the courage you have to demonstrate in order to defy challenges that are on your way. The expression "fight like a tiger" illustrates this point.

If the dream shows the tiger totem in a positive light or a guiding role, it could be interpreted as an encouragement to use or develop the qualities or attributes you usually associate with tigers. Imagine the feelings and ideas that the presence of the tiger triggered in your dream, and in waking life. Learn from what it would be like to adopt a "tiger-like" attitude in order to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

Dream interpretation: Having a bad dream about a tiger

Being chased by a tiger in a dream denotes how you’re trying to run away from your own emotions or desires. The tiger could represent anger or sexual desires that feel like they are so strong, they could destroy the person they are directed to or that is experiencing them. The presence of a tiger in your dream could reveal anger felt towards someone or circumstances that have a negative impact on your life. Dreaming of a tiger chasing you is a sign that a situation or an event in your life is having a profound emotional impact, but is difficult to apprehend or assimilate.

If the tiger is terrorizing you in your dream, think about what you’re trying to avoid so strongly in your waking life by fear that it could destabilize you or is too overwhelming to handle. Dreaming of killing a tiger could mean that you’re in the process of tackling detrimental attitudes or habits. Such a dream about your tiger totem could indicate that change is on its way, but requires strength and courage.

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697 Responses to Tiger Spirit Animal

  • Kel

    Had a dreaming was scared and started to say the our father prayer but was stopped mid prayer it was right after sex with my boyfriend I was still laying on him then in the dream I looked up and through the roof (which was now glass) I saw a tiger it scared me because it stared directly at me and as my bf kissed me in real life I jumped out my dream. He also said I was shaking that’s why he kissed me. Please tell what that means

  • Lola Smith

    After I left from being with my boyfriend I headed home. A tiger appeared but I thought it was a house cat. Then another appeared then they started appearing all around me I was afraid at first one even scratched me and as I was trying to show my boyfriend the scratch they one tiger had a baby and this one tiger that was.really angry calmed down when I handed him his baby. Everything calmed and I wasn’t scared anymore.

  • lorelei

    i love tigers tigers have wonderful fur and they well i really like them as well as lions to

  • Shaun

    In my dream my kids and I were going to my ex’s house to get our things and move on with our life. There was a door closed and when I opened it, it was a full grow tiger behind it. I closed the door and told my kids to slowly retreat out. The tiger opened the door itself and made its way to the front room. I told the kids to quietly and slowly go out the door 1 @ a time. I took off running up the street and when I looked back my kids weren’t there, but I saw my ex’s car outside, but I was driving the car in the dream although it never showed that, I knewI was driving. When I realized I left the car out of fear, I went back that way nd it was like moving in slow motion nd an invisible force keeping me from making it to the car. I neber saw the tiger run behind me, but I could feel it was there or coming to find me. I was woke up before I found out where the tiger went and we never got our things. Ps. I never had a lisence and don’t drive, but in the dream, I’m positive I knew how and although it was my ex’s house, why was I driving his car? I never have before.

  • Tanya

    My Tiger dream last night:

    I was at a very hectic party, and looking around I see people, even daughter all dressed up as Tigers.
    Even the furniture, walls, and fire place. They all had tiger stripes mixed in with my favorite color lipstick colors: wine and raisin. 😉

  • Rocco

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  • Debbie

    I’m standing outside on the top of some stairs. To my right is a beautiful massive and strong tiger in the branches of a tree over people but eye level to me. Something happens and the people start walking frantic which rials the tiger. The tiger notices me and jumps to a closer limb and is so close. The tiger says “are you not afraid?” I smiled and said “no I just want to pet your head and face”. He laughs and let’s me. The tiger then helps me on my quest to locate some kind of medicine or something. I felt safe knowing this tiger was by my side.

  • Cecilia

    My dream: I was trying to save a baby I deeply loved while everyone around me was telling me to kill it. Sitting at a big wedding (where a lot of people who attended seemed recognizable to me. Family members ect.) Then, an act of lions began to perform for the crowd. Which scared me because i was also holding that baby. Suddenly, one of the lions died by accident in a fire while the act was going on. Then all the lions started to attack the people around me. One even talked briefly expressing revenge. While I watched, I held the baby in fear, wondering how I could escape. That was my dream? Any tips? Thanks a lot

    • Kiran

      Hello Cecilia, I can’t believe this, I had a very similar dream like yours where I was trying to save a baby from the tiger, though the tiger wasn’t killed.

      I am amazed at how we both got the same dream yesterday night.

    • Shannon

      Cecilia, my insight on your dream is you’re holding the baby as a symbolism of a delicate piece of yourself. The wedding symbolizes some kind of commitment in your life. The Lions symbolize courage and leadership within this commitment. They put on a show bc something about this commitment is intimidating and you need to be courageous with it. One lion dies bc you feel if something went wrong this situation would get out of your control. Which is why the other lions attack. They seek revenge bc you fear feeling resentful if this commitment of yours doesn’t end well.

  • trishiana

    Also my spirit animal is a Bali and a Javen tiger mixed so ya.

  • trishiana

    I am happy what my spirit animal is its a Tiger. I am VERY aggressive and very powerful. the tiger is a very powerful spirit so remember to always take care of it.

  • Sonya

    I had a dream about tiger last night, and in it I was sliding down a rural road. I saw tiger and her cub on the road, but kept sliding toward them, trying to stay quiet, but knowing that as I slid by I would trigger the “chase” instinct. Sure enough, the tigress attacked me, latching onto my back, slicing through my skin until blood spewed forth. I didn’t panic, but called for help to a man coming out of his house. He didn’t kill the tiger, thank goodness, he just tranquilized her. When I arose from the rode with my tiger wounds, I saw my reflection and my eyes shined back tiger bright, the way an animal’s eyes reflect the light of an oncoming car.
    What does this dream mean?

  • Mae Harder

    Hello I’m 13. Once every year for the past few years I have been having a dream of this man. The dream starts out like all the other ones and my friend hands me a picture of my dad and I and then I brake out in tears and then I get a different picture from a different friend and the man turns into a tiger and is staring straight at my dad. And then I wake up. Every year it’s a different person who hands me the picture. I was wondering what that ment.

    • Sue

      Hello Mae if you go to a website called dreams interpreted they may be able to help you
      Good luck

  • Bella

    I just found out that my spirit animal is the tiger. And it’s true Im unpredictable, I’m aggressive some times, and I have a lot of will power. But I need help to find my spirit guide. How do I find it?

    • Sue

      Hello bella
      We have many sprit guides it is not always necessary for you to understand who they are, they come to help us and to inspire us. Concentrate on meditating and write down significant things that you see. Don’t be in a hurry the sprit world do not put any emphasis on time, things will seem clear as you go on be patient my friend good luck

    • trishiana

      We all know the tiger is a very powerful spirit so remember to give it care and thought.

  • Jenny

    I am 36 yrs old. When I was a little girl, probably no more than 10, I was sick on and lying on my sofa in the living room in the old house that I grew up in. I fell asleep watching tv, and remember suddenly coming awake. When I did, I was scared to find a huge black wild cat (what I thought was a jaguar, but now I think it was a panther after looking at pictures online) pacing the perimeter of the room. I did the typical “kid” response and covered my face with the blanket. Then, when I finally could bear it, I peeked part of my face out, to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Sure enough, there it was, pacing. Pacing like a cat in an exhibit in the zoo…and it hung close to the edges of the room, and I can remember being so shocked because I could see the muscles of the shoulders under the smooth coat moving, and when it passed by my couch where I lay, I could FEEL the air shift and the push of its solid body against the edge of the cushins as it passed by me, only a couple of inches from my body. It seemed to look through me, like it wasn’t suggesting anything, or looking away or directly at me..it was just like observing it as you would at the zoo! Anyway, I later convinced myself that I must have had a fever, because I know I wasn’t asleep, but that just couldn’t have been real. I eventually filed the memory away in my mind. Then a couple of years later, when I was lying in bed (top bunk in the room just off the living room) and I remember having a hard time falling asleep, and just as I was drifting off I became wide awake again. Thinking my younger sibling had come in the room, I rolled onto my side and looked over the edge of the bed, and sure enough, there was my big black buddy again. This time I was more curious than afraid. It was the same animal, as best as I can remember. Just pacing the same exact path it took before, through the living room and into my room and round and round, almost touching the edges of everything in the perimeter of the rooms, it was so close to them. I remember being a little worried for my little sister, who was asleep in the lower bunk, but no other emotions really. Eventually I filed this away too…Now that I am much older, for the past 20 years or so, I see a lot of hawks. I don’t see them everyday. I see them when I am out driving and will see one and think to myself, I am meant to be going “this way” today, or today might just be a good day after all, etc. It got to point that over the course of my oldest sons life, who is now 13 yrs old, when we are out and he notices one too, he will say “look Mom, its your/our hawk again”. And then some trips out, I will see a the hawk again later in the journey, hours later and think, yep..it was a good day, or this was the right choice today,etc. Now that I am older, I wonder what all of this means, if anything?

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