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A New Fantasy Series,Spirit Animals, & Game Spiritanimals.com

Brandon Mull, the #1 bestseller author of the Beyonders and Fable haven series, together wit Scholastic, launches the first book of a new fantasy novel series featuring four children helped by their spirit animal to save Erdas. The book gives the keys to its companion online game featured on spiritanimals.com. Magic, epic adventures and a fascinating quest make this book a great read that can be enjoyed by young, as well as adult readers.

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The Spirit Animals’ Story

Spirit Animals takes place Erdas, a world where humans bond with spirit animals from their childhood. The story of the four main characters, four children, begins with a ritual that will unveil their purpose in the future quest to save Erdas.

The book succeeds in creating a well-rounded fantasy world immersing the reader in its own mythology and rules infused with magic and connections with the spirit of animals.

Spirit Animals mixes adventure and fantasy in an easy to read children novel that will appeal to both girls and boys, as well as adults lovers of the fantasy genre.

An online game: Spiritanimals.com

Spirit Animals is an interactive adventure that combines books and an online game. The game is set up like a quest through a fantasy world with engaging graphics and story line.

This is the first fantasy novel to be published on multiple media. Scholastic builds on the multi-platform success of the previous bestseller series 39 Clues and Infinity Ring.

Even though the game setting is closely based on the book, players can customize their character, choose their own spirit animal, and create their own story through their online adventures.

All about Brandon Mull, the author

Brandon Mull was approached by Scholastic with a succinct yet  challenging assignment: To help them bring to life a fantasy book series about Spirit Animals, with four childrens as protagonists, and that is based on the premise of humans bonding with animals to guide them along their path.

According to David Levithanm Scholastic’s publisher and editorial director, Brandon Mull is “the king of kid-friendly fantasies.” Mull is indeed the #1 bestseller author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series. He’s the mastermind behind Spirit Animals for which he wrote the first book entitled “Wild Born”.


The connection with spirit animals

Each protagonist has a spirit animal. There are few twists in the relationship the children have with their animal.  For example, Conor, the sheepherder, discover his spirit animal is a wolf called Briggan.  Meilin is associated withJhi, a giant panda, an animal that contrasts her upbringing as the daughter of a high raned military general. Rollan has a falcon, Essi, on his side, and Abeke summons Uraza, the leopard.

Each spirit animal helps the person they are associated with and teach them in their own way, how to build their strength and personality. The main characters of the story will learn a lot in their adventures and their spirit animal is there to both support and challenge them in their growth.

Why we like “Wild Born”

We like the first book of this series because of that fact. The story reminds us of the complex relationship one may have with spirit animals and keep the tone real and yet fantastic.

In this engaging adventure, there are a lot of lessons on how to bond and relate to one’s spirit animal. Sometimes, it means being challenged and facing our own fears or doubts.

There’s also a positive message about coming together to face hardship and working on our differences in a constructive way in order to be stronger.

We recommend “Wild Born”, the first book of the Spirit Animals series, to anyone curious reader, and especially to young readers avid of fantasy adventures.

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