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Crow Spirit Animal

Crow Spirit Animal

By Elena Harris, Editor

The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic.  The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions. Sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the trickster; be aware of deceiving appearances.  If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.

Crow Symbolism

Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common are:

  • Life magic; mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • Trickster, manipulative, mischevious

Other traditional meanings associate the crow with bad omen, death, and dark witchcraft. The crow also carries the power of prophetic insight and symbolizes the void or core of creation.

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The Crow, a Spirit Animal Symbolic of Magic

Crows are commonly associated with magic and the power to manipulate physical appearances. Ted Andrews in his classic on animal totems “Animal Speak” mentions that we can find crows are common animals that we can find all around the globe. As such, they are a reminder that magic is everywhere. When you encounter a crow, just tune into its behavior and it will give you a clue on how to use the magic powers it carries.

Only last night he felt deadly sick, and, after a great deal of pain, two black crows flew out of his mouth and took wing from the room.

~ Unknown Author

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Because of its affinity with life mysteries and magic, the crow is seen in many shamanic traditions as the spirit animal of choice for those who use magic and have the power to manipulate the law of our physical universe. The crow used to be the animal of choice of shamans, those who do witchcraft and shape-shifting.

Crow Spirit Animal

Crow Symbolism and Life Mysteries

Crows have a usually black with tints of blue depending on the light shining on them. Their color is symbolic of the onset of creation, of the void or what has not taken form yet. Fascinating spirit animals, they carry the energy of life mysteries and the power for deep inner transformation.

As a spirit guide, the crow will guide you in getting in touch with life mysteries and develop your ability to perceive subtle shifts in energy within yourself and in your environment. It has the ability to go beyond the illusions, especially duality of right and wrong, inner and outer.

Crow Totem and Power of Insight

Crows are known to build their nests in very tall trees. Doing so, they can get a better vision or perspective on the rest of their surroundings. By affinity with this trait, those who have the crow as a spirit animal or totem will enjoy a position from where they can see things from a higher perspective.

The crow is also watchful of intruders and predators. The sound it makes is characteristic of a loud, strident bird noise that can warn the other members of it clan over great distance. When you see your crow spirit animal, be on the watch.

The Crow Spirit Animal, a Guide about Fearlessness and Determination

Have you ever watched a group of crows ganging up together and chasing out birds much bigger than they are? This behavior makes the crow a useful animal totem to call when you need support in dealing with adversity. If the crow chose you as your power animal, you are encouraged to develop your personal will power and speak your truth more loudly.

Crows always seem to be able to get away with what they are after, be it a piece of food left on the road or sneaking into other birds’ nests to steal or eat their eggs. Echoing this trait, those with the crow as totem or spirit guide might watch for the tendency to trick or be a bit manipulative.

The Crow In Your Dreams

While the crow appearing in a dream is sometimes considered a bad omen, a foreshadowing of sadness, this is only one of many meanings. A deeper interpretation of this meaning is that the crow is said to fly between the worlds of life and death and an appearance in your dreams may signify a message about your thoughts on life, death and transformation.

Crows are also very intelligent and dreaming about a crow or crows may be a sign of your wisdom or intuition. Your subconscious may be telling you to trust your intuition.

The crow is also a symbol of transformation. What part of your life is or may be going through a transition? Maybe you are changing relationships or careers? Maybe you are buying a new house? Whatever it is, the crow is signaling that you are ready to make the change!

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  2. Butt cheek #1 September 3, 2013 at 2:36 am - Reply


  3. hi.. September 3, 2013 at 2:31 am - Reply

    i had loads of crows following me HELP.

  4. Nush September 1, 2013 at 4:14 am - Reply

    As of the past three years I have noticed crows & ravens now following everywhere I go. My friend even notice it . I even took a trip & out of no where on my birthday they shied up watching sometimes I see the same one its injured . I believe in spiritual things & god. I am trying to understand the signs they are giving me . I’ve had a lot of change in my life past year also sometimes I notice I miss an accident or traffic jam . Once in a while I see one hawk perched watching . As a young child in another country I saw them but never actuall observed them as I do now . When I speak to them they leave,

    • kwateng October 1, 2013 at 8:34 am - Reply

      yes how are you doing today nice to meet you here i am look for spirit to use to control my self will in my life i am very tired in my life you spirit come ture upmon me

    • The alpha crow October 8, 2016 at 11:04 pm - Reply

      Today i was cruzing thw street in around the marina del re area maybe pass it in 20.minit.while smoking or after a blunt i but only me.the driver my beother in law.didn’t see or thw other homie mike mike.i ask the both of them they said they didn’t see any crow but i am the only one who see a crow flying driffing across my path I’m going north the Crow is flying from east to West.i meantion to my homies if they see a Crow flying across my path eye brows levwl aight .which my brother catt didnt see .the crow has chosen me as a spirit friend and guiden insightment of thw hightest level of enlightment.after that had happen.for some reason i felt hella lucky and told my friends i feel i want to buy a scracher but The line has about 7 people or i believed it was 7 but the van was needed to rest to cool down .we in riverside chicking out a boat to instead of lossing the first chance to buy the scrachers.we end of waiting to cool down the car .i had the seconde buy the two scracher.i hit both scracher $250 an 20 other scarcher.i went up to the scracher and close my eyes and saw row scracher number 10 then 19 .both tickit is a winner.puzzle both quiz kinds.i have the wining picture scracherpay off.noted to day on 1140am or 12pm.i found crows be around me or i here and there see it. I aceptted the spiritual bird of high powers of truth insightment.this is as real as an apple pie lol. On October 8 2016 around 12 pm.

    • Breeze January 4, 2017 at 2:10 pm - Reply

      Same happens to me I’m trying to seek the answers !!! But how ???

  5. Crystal August 30, 2013 at 11:47 am - Reply

    I had 3 crows circle above me in the sky in my dream. The sky was very dark…almost stormy. I was floating or flying higher into the sky and the crows stayed above me, circling. I’m glad I came upon this site. My mother in law who is Cherokee told me that the crow is my spirit animal and was watching over me! I’m Native (Blackfoot and Cherokee) and African American and I have had crows around me my whole life. Never knew the spiritual aspect of it until now.

  6. Anonymous August 28, 2013 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    The past several weeks i have been finding crow feathers directly on my path, as of this week, i have found crows sitting above my car and staring at me while on my porch, or one sitting about my head while I’m at work. Always quiet and never making a sound. Each time I see tem, or find a feather, I soon hear news of my possibley being transferred from my current job site (which I’m dying for)
    I’m hipig these guys are helping to usher in this change, as I would love nothing better to move

  7. A Kid August 27, 2013 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    I’ve had a two dreams about crows. They both had to do with witches as well. The first dream it had crow features flying everywhere. The second one I had today, I dreamed about being haunted by a witch who had a crow as her companion. She disappeared one day and the crow looked ashamed as he hid under his wing. Any ideas?

  8. Erin August 25, 2013 at 1:38 am - Reply

    I had a dream in which I was given a gift from the crows and being chased by people who didn’t want me to share my gift while I was hiding in the woods the peopld caught up with me and before they took me away a whole bunch of crows flew all around me and an elder appeared took my shoulders and said remember your gift and remember where the crow flies from thd north star cannot fly to. What does that mean

    • reese September 5, 2013 at 2:55 pm - Reply

      it means you need to meditate on the meaning, ask your angels for a more direct meaning. write down what you want , leave it by the bed an write down your dreams for a few weeks and the answer will appear.I think they are saying you have a gift , yet you need to open your heart and mind to use it.

  9. Gillette August 24, 2013 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    When I was a child, about 12 or so, I had an imaginary crow companion, like an imaginary friend only he was a crow. his name was Diako or Kodiak (the same syllables reversed) and I would chant his name over and over again in my head to make him ‘appear’. he would fly in through my bedroom window and never stayed long. he was like a real crow, he didn’t speak or anything, he was strong and glossy and free.
    Odd huh? Anybody got an interesting take on that for me?

  10. Hollisannette August 24, 2013 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    I have crows and ravens all around me. They are at my work and live in the tall pine trees. Then my work bought some new property. I have to go over there to check it. They are there also. They follow me around the property and crow at me. I drove through a cemetary to get to the property and they were there. I actually watched them follow me to the property from the cemetary. At work I have recently noticed that there are not only crows, but there are also ravens. I wondered why one was so much bigger than the others and checked and found that ravens are much bigger. Now three of them are much bigger. They came to live in a real tall tree by my house, the ravens. Within about 3 weeks the man had the tree cut down. I just think it is strange. One of the crows sat and yelled at me at the fence at work. Three of them sat at the telephone pole and yelled at me at the property. Yes, I talk to them.

    • Sceptic August 24, 2013 at 3:37 pm - Reply

      Crows are everywhere on the planet, in every neighborhood, every park, every forest, every city, every town, even in the deserts… no matter where you travel you will see crows. I too have an affinity for crows and see them every morning from the time I leave my home and arrive at my place of employment. However, I am not so sure that this is some “SPIRITUAL” meaning; as I am not so sure that it is appropriate to put faith in this mumbo-jumbo on “animal spirits”. I have had dreams about orcas, and have actually seen them in waters where I live, which is in the north Atlantic Ocean, this is an extremely rare occurrence for orcas to travel this far north and on the eastern side of Canada. But I really do not think it has anything to do with some sort of supernatural phenomena. It’s just nature. Get over it!

      • me too ,but... August 29, 2013 at 2:07 pm - Reply

        I believe in God & that witchcraft (and things of that sort) exist, but I myself wouldn’t go looking to mess with things like that. I live in the city and have never really seen crows firsthand but yesterday my sister’s father-in-law passed away. I spent time with the grieving family and decided I would stay over to keep his daughter company. When I went home to pick up some clothes, there was a crow at my doorstep. It seemed like it was hurt. I just find it so strange.

  11. Raven Nevermore August 24, 2013 at 6:56 am - Reply

    All my life I have had crows around me, I have moved on the other side of the world and still a flock of crows come to make their homes by me. And I do mean a flock, not just one or two, but six or more. Right now I have 12 living by me. I pay attention when they start flying low over my house. I don’t feed them so I know they are not coming for food. I like them and the sounds they make.

  12. frank g August 22, 2013 at 7:57 am - Reply

    I saw two crows right before a car was going to hit me on a bike. I stopped and the car went around me.

  13. kay August 22, 2013 at 5:19 am - Reply

    i am going through changes in life. The first crow I noticed was when i was alone outside of a building. it perched high up on a corner and just looked down and sqauked at me for awhile. I felt like it was giving me heck for something. Now i see them everywhere. I am an animal lover. I believe this is a good sign. What would you say?

    • kwateng October 1, 2013 at 8:35 am - Reply

      yes how are you doing today nice to meet you here i am look for spirit to use to control my self will in my life i am very tired in my life

  14. Lucie August 18, 2013 at 2:57 am - Reply

    for the last few months at 6.45am every morning when I’m doing my makeup getting ready for work, a crow sits on the telegraph pole just outside of my bathroom and crows several times then flies away. It used to annoy me then I would “shoo” him away. Now I’m used to him. It’s weird that it’s at the same time every morning ..

    • joan haggerty August 18, 2013 at 11:08 pm - Reply

      crows talk and are such good mothers to their young, so I’m sure he is just saying “good morning”….(:

  15. teresa August 16, 2013 at 10:28 pm - Reply


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